Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2018-01-26

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  29. Guus

    nyco, have you been able to confirm a date for the XSF dinner? I'm extending an invitation to the Google Open Source Office - I'd like to have the date right :)

  30. Dave

    nyco, You either book dinner, or you are dinner. ;-)

  31. Dave

    Actually I didn't really mean the ";-)".

  32. Guus

    (he's not joking - he privately asked me for recipies where the main ingredient is a French person.)

  33. Dave

    Everyone keeps telling me that French cookery is really good, so...

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  36. Dave

    Also I hope I'm not the only one to dress up a bit this year.

  37. Guus


  38. Guus

    you can hope, I guess ;)

  39. Guus


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  46. Guus

    Two GSoC students already accepted the dinner invitation.

  47. nyco

    that was not notified...

  48. Guus


  49. nyco

    those mentions

  50. nyco

    anyway, what's left to be prepared for Summit?

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  52. Dave


  53. Guus

    sorry, i was in a video call.

  54. Guus

    I'm not sure what you mean by "that was not notified. Those mentions"

  55. Guus

    I think we've got most of the Summit sorted out. Kev agreed to be our master of ceremony (or 'herder of cats'). We'll have to submit a list of attendees to Cisco, to get badges created, which I'll do next week. We'll probably should send a invitation email with a start date and the address of Cisco, to make things formal

  56. Guus

    We have a sponsor for one day of the lunch - we'll either find one more, or I'll ask for reimbursement from the XSF Treasurer after paying for it myself.

  57. Guus

    If you have Dinner (and transportation to/from dinner) arranged, I think we've covered most things.

  58. Guus

    I've send out invitations to the Google Open Source Program office, as well as to last years XSF GSoC students, to join us for dinner. As I said, two of the students already responded, no word from Google yet.

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