Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2018-01-30

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  40. Guus nyco, I'm more concerned than yesterday about dinner. Did you agree with the restaurant up until when you can send them the amount of people that are joining us, and what their preferred meal is?
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  45. ralphm I actually made a copy and shared it with your e-mail address as @nyco, somewhere last week
  46. ralphm I also earlier asked for your account, but didn't get a reply, so if it is not the right address, please let me know
  47. ralphm Guus: I can also share it with you, PM me your google account e-mail address
  48. Guus ralphm, I assume you're referring to ?
  49. ralphm Guus: never mind. Shared
  50. ralphm
  51. ralphm It needs to be edited to match this year, and the menu, of course
  52. Guus nyco showed me a form he was working on himself
  53. ralphm I don't care which form it becomes, as long as it looks like this one
  54. Guus so he's working on it - but I'm concerned by how long it takes to finalize things.
  55. Guus agreed - I suggested looking at your 2017 form as a source for the translation of most menu items (he only had them in French)
  56. Guus (there do not appear to be much differences between this years and last years menu)
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  90. Guus nyco: please make sure that we have dinner sorted as soon as possible, today. I am thankful that you volunteered to take this on, but at this stage I'm having more stress worrying if dinner will be organised at all, than what I would have had if I had arranged things myself. Especially as I don't see what is causing the delays, this is frustrating me a lot.
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