Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2018-01-31

  1. nyco

    I asked you Guus to send the form...

  2. nyco

  3. nyco

    I'll update with the English version

  4. ralphm

    nyco: I sent a copy of a complete form from last year, which is complete with proper texts on sponsoring and more. Why didn't you use that?

  5. ralphm

    Since the menu hasn't changed much since last year, it is probably mostly done.

  6. ralphm

    (I sent this last week already)

  7. ralphm

    Please refer to this link:

  8. Guus

    I've send you the form, repeatedly?

  9. Guus

    as did Ralph

  10. nyco

    Updated: please check and send I didn't use it, because I created the form before you sent it

  11. Guus

    what do you want me to send?

  12. nyco

    I did not receive any form, from neither of you, by any mean

  13. nyco

    the form

  14. nyco

    I have no access to the Summit list nor our external guests

  15. Guus

    oh come on!

  16. nyco

    I told you

  17. Guus

    you want me to send the invitation to our guests, and you're telling me a day in advance?!

  18. nyco

    oh come on!

  19. Guus


  20. nyco

    I told you three days in advance, check you 1:1 history

  21. Guus

    sure, nevermind.

  22. nyco

    please send, as I can't, thank you very much

  23. Guus

    what did you discuss with the restaurant?

  24. Guus

    are they expecting feedback from us?

  25. nyco

    the number of people

  26. nyco

    check the form, again

  27. Guus

    by when do they need this?

  28. nyco


  29. nyco

    as precise as we can, given the timeframe

  30. nyco

    for example, I can give them a rough answer in the afternoon, then we go on refining as form answers are coming in, then we give a correct answer tomorrow by noon

  31. Guus

    please don't do anything anymore. Let me take care of this.

  32. nyco

    that is rude

  33. Guus


  34. nyco


  35. nyco

    you had a follow up, I asked you questions, I had no answer back

  36. nyco

    I'm sorry, I'm culprit, but you also are, when are you gonna stop to blind yourself?

  37. Guus

    Nyco, thanks for your efforts. I'll take care of it.

  38. nyco

    you have my phone number, you even asked why I gave it to you, man, seriously? in front of a mark of trust?

  39. nyco

    are you kidding?

  40. nyco

    sort your mess

  41. Guus

    is that _your_ phone number? I assumed it was the restaurant phone number.

  42. Guus

    but yes, I'll sort it.

  43. Guus

    have you already been able to arrange transportation from the hotel to the restaurant and back?

  44. Guus

    Can you send me the link to the same form, but in a way that allows me to edit it, please?

  45. Guus


  46. ralphm

    Guus use

  47. Guus

    Yeah, I'm doing that now. Copy/paste is my friend :)

  48. nyco

    I had done that work of copy/paste...

  49. nyco

    transportation: phoning a taxi company tomorrow around noon is enough

  50. Guus

    Invitations are now send.

  51. ralphm

    Woot, 11 and counting

  52. Guus

    I've just had a chat with the restaurant, and gave preliminary numbers. I'll give them another call tomorrow, when we have the last few forms back (I'm waiting on six more)