Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2018-11-16

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  20. Guus SouL, you here?
  21. Guus or do you prefer "Seve"? 🙂
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  24. Guus Hey, JC
  25. Guus Seve/Soul JC - last year, Seve suggested to code some kind of raffle for us to use at future conferences. Maybe something like a bot that gives out random codes, that can be redeemed for a small price. That should trigger people to actually download a client, set up an account and start using XMPP.
  26. SouL I'm here, Guus. Yeah, I haven't yet changed my nickname everywere, and being joined with multiple clients does not help
  27. Guus I love to have something like that!
  28. Guus You guys seemed to be most invested last year
  29. Guus would you be willing to start work on that?
  30. Guus hash out the idea, do some prototyping perhaps?
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  32. SouL Exactly, engaging, engaging!
  33. SouL Also something I saw we needed was end-user information. There was this brochure on how to set up a server, but we had actually a lot of people with no idea what XMPP was. So maybe some kind of the same thing but for people that just want to chat
  34. Guus Start writing, SouL! I'll get it reproduced! 😃
  35. Guus maybe use texts from ?
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  37. Guus So, that's a "maybe"? 🙂
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  43. SouL Hey sorry, Black Friday is horrible in this company.
  44. SouL Guus, you don't need to pursue me haha, I need to sit down first and look at it
  45. Guus What do you mean, I don't need to pursue you?
  46. Guus Soul ^
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