Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2018-11-26

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  20. Guus Ralph, do we have a policy for accepting people to the RTC lounge? We had several requests.
  21. Guus (I'd personally love for the Jitsi guys to be there - most of their core team is moving back to Europe - would be nice to have them)
  22. Guus I'm unsure if the Tor project really qualifies as an RTC project though?
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  36. Guus ralphm ^^
  37. ralphm Jitsi totally, I don't see Tor as RTC either
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  39. Guus who makes this call? us?
  40. ralphm Yes, it is our stand
  41. Guus ok. Want me to reply to both?
  42. ralphm Yep
  43. Guus wilco
  44. ralphm I'm guessing that Matrix' stand will be next to us
  45. ralphm But the floor plan isn't available yet
  46. Guus ralphm: "Although I'd love to be able to accommodate you, space at the RTC lounge stand is limited. I appreciate your argument that Tor can be used as infrastructure for real-time communication, but using that definition, many projects would qualify. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but we'd prefer to reserve the space for projects that are RTC-by-nature. I hope you'll find some space elsewhere!"
  47. Guus comme c-with-dangling-thing-a?
  48. ralphm Comme ça!
  49. ralphm And you can tell Jitsi they don't ever need an invite to party with us.
  50. Guus I'm not sure who's seeing these mailinglist messages - best not to be overly friendly to one, when I just rejected another 🙂
  51. Guus but I share the sentiment.
  52. Guus ralphm: was that you, that sent that reply on my email to Iain? The author is unnamed.
  53. ralphm I have not sent mails
  54. Guus fosdem-rtc-admin <>
  55. ralphm Likely Daniel Pocock
  56. Guus He appears to disagree with our dismissal - or at least, with me doing the dismissal before contacting him.
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  59. ralphm That's fine. You and I are responsible for this stand.
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