Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-01-18

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  37. ralphm

    dwd: welcome. Can you find out what the exact size distribution was for the latest batches of hoodies we ordered?

  38. ralphm

    (each for blue and orange)

  39. dwd

    I don't think I have that information.

  40. dwd

    Didn't you order them?

  41. ralphm


  42. ralphm

    Oh, wait, it was Will who ordered them.

  43. ralphm

    “I'm about to order 100 zipped hoodies for sales at the Summit/FOSDEM 70 Blue with "XMPP" on them in orange 30 Orange with "XMPP" on them in blue Split on size will be 10 small, 25 medium, 40 large, 25 Xlarge (split reasonably proportionality between the two colours).”

  44. ralphm

    Does that still sound reasonable?

  45. dwd

    Reasonable enough.

  46. dwd

    I was wondering about bottle openers with "Open (Standard)" on them, the other day, if we're thinking swag.

  47. ralphm

    that is pretty cool

  48. Guus


  49. Guus

    I like that

  50. ralphm

    How many/

  51. ralphm

  52. dwd

    I thought bottle openers would be a good gimmick at FOSDEM.

  53. ralphm


  54. ralphm

    printable are is 35x6 mm

  55. Guus

    price difference isn't that much if you order omre

  56. Guus


  57. Guus

    I'd order for about 150-200 euro

  58. Guus

    and not give them away all at once.

  59. ralphm

  60. ralphm

    I'm a bit worried about the small details.

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  63. ralphm

    dwd: what about these:

  64. ralphm

    (in orange)

  65. ralphm

  66. Guus


  67. daniel


  68. ralphm

    I /think/ that laser etching is a bit more durable

  69. dwd

    Oh, very nice.

  70. ralphm


  71. ralphm

    I ordered 500 as the diff with the 200+ price was so big, so it is a bit more expensive. Shipping them to Thon.

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  74. daniel

    by the way; how many people can we officially fit in the room a cisco?

  75. dwd

    I think we've had over 50 before. But it depends - that room expands, and it'll fit as many as we book I think.

  76. daniel

    Oh OK. I didn't know that the room resizes dynamically

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  78. dwd

    I don't think it's dynamic. You need to make an explicit reserve call to resize the array.

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  80. ralphm

    But I think we have the whole stretch

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