Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-03-31

  1. Guus

    There actually is a scam mailinglist.

  2. pep.

    I think I got dave null'd the one time I tried to sent something to it

  3. pep.

    Or maybe I was just politely ignored :P

  4. Guus

    Dave null'ed?

  5. Guus

    Seve, can you access the administration pages of the SCAM mailinglist?

  6. Guus

    SouL ^

  7. SouL

    Guus, let me check, just arrived to the sprint venue

  8. SouL

    Guus, no, I cant unfortunately. It says that list is run by you, so you are probably the man

  9. Guus

    ... 🤨

  10. SouL

    Guus, what does that mean :)