Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-04-01

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  8. Guus That means that I don't know how to be an admin of that list 🙂
  9. Guus I apparently have an account, but did not write down the credentials. Password reset requested, but e-mail didn't arrive.
  10. SouL I see
  11. Guus I'll need some help to recover the account. Can you do that, Seve, or do I need intosi?
  12. SouL Guus: intosi :(
  13. SouL intosi: my sad smiley is not because of you, of course haha
  14. intosi I was already wondering.
  15. SouL :D
  16. intosi Guus: you should know it now.
  17. Guus I'm in, thanks!
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  19. Guus right, I've now processed the scam mailinglist pending requests
  20. Guus ... why did we get to here in the first place again
  21. Guus ?
  22. pep. me
  23. pep. I was wondering if there was a list because last time I sent an email it got dave null'ed
  24. pep. Thanks for fixing this, I'll send something for CCCamp soon then
  25. pep. If anybody ever organized something for CCC/CCCamp (or the Dutch camp event) I'd be happy to discuss it with them
  26. pep. In the meantime I'll poke other communities I know have experience with it
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  29. pep. Really early etherpad:, just putting this out there so I can grep for it later
  30. pep. (For CCCamp)
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