Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-08-10

  1. pep.

    I'm making a bunch of XMPP stickers for Camp, (we failed and forgot to get any for FrosCon), can I expense that somewhere?

  2. pep.

    I'll make them anyway, they'll be useful

  3. ralphm

    Yes, send your expenses to Peter

  4. pep.


  5. pep.

    Anything special I need to write? I just get an invoice or sth?

  6. ralphm

    Just get the invoice and send an e-mail to Peter with that attached, and mention expensing stickers on behalf of SCAM

  7. pep.


  8. Link Mauve

    We recently emptied our stock (JabberFR’s) at a conference, could you print enough to restock us too please?

  9. pep.

    I'm printing 1000 for Camp (daniel says he got rid of 500 at CCC last year). I guess I'll print 3k and refuel lots of people (for camp, daniel also wants some, jabberfr, and then we're seeing some more people in sweden..)

  10. ralphm

    If you take care of distribution, do whatever you think makes sense.

  11. pep.


  12. pep.

    Ordered! I'll send the invoice once I get the confirmation

  13. ralphm


  14. pep.