Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-08-30

  1. Guus

    Is there a reason to not ask Cisco for hosting the Summit again?

  2. Guus

    if not, I'll get on that right now

  3. SouL

    I think the space gets tiny with previous attendance, somebody said we could make it bigger somehow? Moving some wall, I think

  4. Guus

    Depending on attendance, yes

  5. Guus

    but for started, let's see if they want to host us again

  6. ralphm

    It can be bigger indeed

  7. Guus

    (unless we want to go somewhere else this year - don't know why, but I thought I'd check before getting in touch wiht them)

  8. ralphm

    The back wall hides another area

  9. SouL


  10. SouL

    Guus, not complaining at all :)

  11. ralphm

    Anyway, +1 on Cisco

  12. SouL

    Just talking out loud

  13. SouL

    yeah, agree

  14. ralphm

    Also liked the hoodie room

  15. Guus

    who wants to be in the CC of my email correspondence with Cisco?

  16. ralphm

    Guus: me

  17. ralphm

    You just beat me to it

  18. Guus


  19. Guus

    or something

  20. daniel

    If we make the room even bigger we will have a problem hearing each other I'm afraid

  21. daniel

    I mean if we have to make it bigger because more people are coming that's a good thing.

  22. Guus

    let's worry about that once we get a feeling of the number of people that'll show up this year

  23. daniel

    But maybe we should reconsider the microphone idea

  24. SouL

    more than one maybe, spreaded through the room

  25. daniel

    we should probbaly go over the 'summit retro' minutes from last year and see what of the improvement ideas we can do / need to do well ahead

  26. daniel

    i'll probably start looking into "my first summit/how to summit" and the advertisement a bit myself

  27. daniel

    as those go hand in hand; i mean publishing a 'how to summit' can act as advertisement

  28. Guus

    Winfried wrote such an article

  29. daniel

    oh. link?

  30. Guus

  31. Guus

    I need to spend my attention to other things right now, sorry

  32. Guus

    I'll try to circle back later today

  33. daniel

    i kinda would also like to address the 'diversity' issue; but i don’t know how. aside from explicitly inviting the two only woman i know from the xmpp community

  34. ralphm

    With regards to the microphone, I think that was primarily an issue with the installed system. In other years this was better, and I'll ask Rudy about it when we are closer to the actual date.

  35. Guus

    I got an OOO from our contact at Cisco

  36. ralphm

    Plenty of time

  37. Guus

    Yes, realizing that brought me back from my panic. πŸ™‚

  38. Guus

    Soooooooo.... you're contemplating how many dame blanches you'll have? πŸ™‚

  39. SouL

    Already? :D

  40. ralphm

    At least one.

  41. Guus

    SouL if you ever need leverage with ralphm, then "Dame Blanche" is the magic word πŸ™‚

  42. ralphm

    Or, as we prefer to call it: "Yeah!"

  43. SouL takes notes on that one.