Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-09-12

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  5. pep. The stickers I got, that go on *the budget* then?
  6. daniel yes
  7. pep. Ok, it'd be cool if we had something to visualize all that. I think
  8. daniel like a spreadsheet?
  9. pep. I've spent short of 400$, so we've got the rest to spend for CCC!
  10. pep. Or we can actually use that for the coming sprints
  11. pep. Food etc.
  12. pep. daniel, we can try and more or less organize things for at least the stockholm sprint and get this approved within the team?
  13. daniel not sure there is another one coming this year
  14. daniel oh forgot about stockholm :-)
  15. pep. Yeah I'm not entirely sure either after stockholm. I am interested though in gathering and working on specific things (that could also be called sprints, but maybe not with the numbers)
  16. daniel yes snacks and drinks (from the supermarket so not really expensive) is probably something to think about
  17. pep. I really think we should try to encourage small "working groups"
  18. pep. Not big-ish events like we're doing
  19. pep. 3-4 people is already good and can be a lot more productive than 10
  20. daniel it's complicated(tm)
  21. daniel because if you let scam handle it and announce it then people actually want to come
  22. daniel which is a good thing obviously
  23. daniel but then you can’t limit it to 3 people
  24. pep. Yeah. Maybe we can organise more at the same time in different places to try and confuse the enemi
  25. pep. Yeah. Maybe we can organise more at the same time in different places to try and confuse the enemy
  26. daniel i mean when i sat down with marvin in berlin that was super productive. so i get the 3-4 people thing
  27. pep. I'm fine splitting the small group of people that always goes to sprints for some time, if it allows us to do this more often
  28. daniel but that's outside of what scam can do i'm afraid
  29. pep. What I don't want is that all resolves around me organizing things :/
  30. pep. Because that's not going to go forever (as much as I like it)
  31. pep. And yeah otherwise spreadshit or equivalent for the budget would be good
  32. daniel yeah dunno. it'll work out. berlin is already done by another team
  33. pep. (yes it's on purpose)
  34. daniel maybe ralphm and Guus do the netherlands and some point
  35. pep. I might be planning to be in Japan early next year (and I just remembered about Summit/FOSDEM, gotta be careful), I wanted to try and do something there, but I know no one
  36. pep. I mean, devs in FOSS
  37. pep. I'll try to ask around
  38. daniel so should we officially ask scam for a budget of up to x (80 Euro?) to buy snacks and non alcoholic beverages for the 2.5 days of the stockholm sprint?
  39. pep. In Cambridge I had 400GBP, I think I spent not even half of that
  40. daniel buy you were also buying 'real food'
  41. daniel *but
  42. pep. Yeah
  43. daniel i wouldn’t go so far to do this for this sprint yet. start small (just snacks and drinks) and if that is a good experience for scam we do more for the next one
  44. pep. Sure. 80EUR of snacks surely is a lot of snacks
  45. pep. Fortunately we have a car!
  46. daniel it's sweden
  47. pep. Does that mean stuff is expensive? Or that there's no konbini at the corner?
  48. pep. Or that we'll be hungry? :P
  49. daniel but we are also 10 people. 8 euro per person for a weekend doesn’t sound too much
  50. daniel all of the above
  51. pep. ok
  52. pep. Yeah worksforme
  53. daniel i was mostly thinking of sweden being expensive
  54. pep. Nÿco, what do you have in mind for POSS?
  55. pep. I guess there will be people in Paris at that time
  56. pep. Might be good indeed to have a booth, and all the other things you mention on the card :)
  57. Nÿco booth, talks, meetup, sprint, whatever
  58. Nÿco Smile is organising
  59. Nÿco we need to hurry up
  60. Nÿco two years ago we had a booth but we shared it with Goffi and me (MongooseIM at that time)
  61. Nÿco that was not enough
  62. daniel not enough in what regard?
  63. Nÿco we might apply for a track, a half day of conferences
  64. Nÿco not enough impact
  65. Nÿco not enough material: flyers, stickers, etc.
  66. daniel i can’t find a call for paper on the POSS website. how does that work?
  67. daniel oh it's only linked from the banner
  68. daniel nvm
  69. Nÿco three years ago with Erlang Solutions, we came for MongooseIM, it was cool, had time and budget, with true flyers, stickers, rollerbanner, aaand apples
  70. ralphm pep. If we run out of budget, we can just ask Board for moar
  71. Nÿco daniel : if you find an interesting track for you, then cool but we may create a special track decentralisation? instant messaging? real-time web? whatever, provided we fill it and it is valuable for the organisers
  72. Nÿco oh, one precision:
  73. pep. ralphm, we? Are you in SCAM because you're in board? :P
  74. pep. (note, I'm happy you're doing $things)
  75. ralphm No because I do much on Summit / FOSDEM
  76. Nÿco the POSS booths are organised in two halves: the village, which is communities, so non-profit the business, you know what it means
  77. Nÿco the business booth is $$$ the village booth is free, gratis
  78. Nÿco I can suggest we go for a booth in the village, for free, as the XSF this booth can host non-profit projects also, we can suggest a track to the organisers
  79. daniel cfp doesn’t really look like my talk fits in. and they have no 'other' section
  80. Nÿco nevermind, we can make your conf fit, or fit a track for your conf
  81. Nÿco what is it?
  82. Nÿco (I know people...)
  83. daniel I would have offered to give my 'state of the xmpp community' talk
  84. daniel slightly modified to explain more what xmpp is before i dive in
  85. Nÿco cool
  86. Nÿco what other talks can we have to shape a full track?
  87. Nÿco I can do something around Team Chat
  88. daniel do those side tracks get an audience? is there any chance we can just get 1 or two talks into main?
  89. Nÿco that's gonna be difficult, given the current lack of traction of XMPP
  90. Nÿco small tracks are usually in room like classes, 20 to 40 people, rarely full, because the program is heavily loaded
  91. Nÿco last year I organised a track around open source startups, it went very well
  92. Nÿco
  93. Nÿco ok, gotta go
  94. daniel who tweeted that you need to . prefix the @
  95. daniel otherwise it is a mention and wont show up in other peoples streams
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  98. Nÿco me
  99. Nÿco what is "you need to . prefix the @"?
  100. Nÿco it is not only a mention, it is a retweet with comment
  101. daniel Twitter treats that as a mention
  102. Nÿco btw that's Twitter, that should be a conversation to have on the commTeam room, not in this SCAM room... unless we consider the fusion is already effective :)
  103. daniel A reply I mean
  104. Nÿco a retweet it is
  105. daniel Yes. But as a reply to xabber
  106. Nÿco as a retweet
  107. Nÿco which has a good engagement rate so far
  108. ralphm There's no merge
  109. ralphm Please indeed do this in the other place
  110. daniel Not sure where comm is. But don't care. I was just trying to help
  111. Nÿco good, thx, just the tone
  112. Nÿco what do you think: should I untweet and re-retweet without the mention? or any other fix?
  113. daniel That was just meant as "for future reference" that's how Twitter works.
  114. daniel Probably not worth while fixing the old
  115. daniel Especially if it has likes and RTs
  116. Nÿco right, so...
  117. Nÿco thanks very much Daniel
  118. ralphm Indeed thanks. Also, commteam@
  119. daniel Thanks. I was trying comm@
  120. Nÿco so, do we fusion or not? ;-)
  121. ralphm Nÿco: no
  122. Nÿco argh
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