Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-09-13

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  8. Nÿco

    hey, SCAMers! so who wants to do something at the POSS, Paris Open Source Summit, in December?

  9. Nÿco

    we can ask for a free booth in the associations village we can organise a track for half a day (morning/afternoon), that can be made of three or four talks

  10. Nÿco

    oh hey, I realise Openfire is not listed in

  11. Nÿco

    who's got the sources?

  12. Nÿco

    drafted this, so we don't lose track:

  13. ralphm

    I believe this was created by Arc

  14. ralphm

    Let me see if I have the original, as I had them printed

  15. SouL

    yes, I remember it was Arc

  16. ralphm

    I've dropped him a message

  17. Nÿco

    cool, thx

  18. Nÿco

    otherwise, we can redo it

  19. Nÿco

    I've been publicly challenged:

  20. Nÿco


  21. Nÿco bingo !

  22. Nÿco

    for the booth, the person responsible is a close friend

  23. pep.

    "unable to connect to", I guess they haven't plugged it yet :x

  24. Nÿco

    for the track... please, this is my official call for papers! be ambitious!

  25. Nÿco


  26. Nÿco

    spa grave, je filerai cela en mains propres

  27. pep.

    Or maybe it's me, I observe that in different places..

  28. Nÿco I got it working

  29. pep.

    ah, they don't listen on https

  30. pep.


  31. Nÿco

    no comment

  32. Nÿco


  33. pep.

    Same for the link on the last @xmpp tweet fwiw..

  34. Nÿco


  35. ralphm

    pep.: 'they'are into you

  36. ralphm


  37. ralphm

    Messing with your traffic

  38. pep.


  39. pep.

    They know I'm from XMPP, conspiracy!!

  40. pep. goes back to bed

  41. pep.

    Ah that's an old post, I was wondering

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