Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-09-21

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  27. pep.

    We really need XMPP tshirts. I wasn't there for the <presence/> one. We should probably have a new batch printed up, and/or different content would be nice as well

  28. pep.

    I liked the joke vanistasvitae made the other time, "Houston, we have a <presence/>". But without the context maybe it's less fun. We could probably brainstorm a bit around that if it's something we want to do :)

  29. pep.


  30. daniel

    we have hoodies?

  31. pep.

    We do

  32. pep.

    But I'm not always with that hoodie around. Also the quality of it is meh tbh, on mine the pocket is already falling apart

  33. pep.

    The CCC ones are generally of pretty good quality

  34. pep.

    I generally prefer tshirts though. easier to distribute, easier to carry on (I can only fit so many things in my bags), and I'll have different tshirts for the days of the event I attend to, whereas I might only have one hoodie with me

  35. SouL

    Yes please pep. ! I'm also missing a <presence/> tshirt!

  36. SouL

    I'm all about it

  37. SouL

    t-shirts are better than hoodies

  38. SouL

    in the sense of you can always wear them

  39. ralphm

    I had a design ready for t-shirts, but we chose hoodies this year. For next year we can totally do t-shirts.

  40. ralphm

    FWIW, I have no quality issues with my hoodies, so that's interesting.

  41. pep.

    Ok. Because I can clearly see the difference with other hoodies I got from conferences

  42. ralphm

    Also, we sold almost all of them 😃

  43. ralphm

    pep.: 😞

  44. pep.


  45. ralphm

    Next time, I'll have a better look at quality. These do pill a bit more than earlier ones.

  46. ralphm

    pep.: In any case there are some sizes left, so maybe you can exchange yours for a new one

  47. ralphm

    Remind me around the Summit

  48. pep.

    Nah I'm all good thanks. I'll prefer tshirts anyway :p

  49. ralphm

    I'll think about some new designs. Ideas welcome. Hesitant do rehash old ones. "You had to be there"

  50. ralphm

    I'll think about some new designs. Ideas welcome. Hesitant to rehash old ones. "You had to be there"

  51. pep.


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