Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-09-23

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  5. MattJ

    Hey scammers

  6. MattJ

    I was just going through my notes I made at FOSDEM about things we should do next year

  7. SouL starts listening

  8. MattJ

    One thought I had was to acquire a leaflet stand, to reclaim some space on the table (especially if we are reduced)

  9. MattJ

    Previously we've laid everything out flat, which takes up quite a bit of space when we have things from all different projects

  10. ralphm

    Good plan

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  13. pep.

    TIL we have leaflets

  14. pep.

    Do we have a digital version of that?

  15. ralphm

    I asked Arc for the source, but he hasn't sent it yet.

  16. ralphm

    But I think Nyco said he'd just redo them if it takes too long

  17. ralphm

    Anyway, that's a discussion for the other place 😉

  18. pep.

    When do we merge them :o

  19. ralphm

    When do we stop having that discussion.

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