Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-10-08

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  3. pep.

    daniel, you had access to an xsf calendar somewhere right?

  4. Guus

    You can too, if you want

  5. pep.

    Yes, I was mostly curious about the place, and what is usually put in there

  6. pep.

    I was thinking about having a "potentially interesting events" calendar. Like standards related, federation-related, etc.

  7. pep.

    Too many events that we miss because we don't konw about them

  8. Guus

    it's a simple google calendar

  9. Guus

    it's linked on the top-right corner of the wiki

  10. pep.

    I'll come back to you when my browser has decided to wake up

  11. Guus

  12. pep.

    Right ok, that's not the kind of events I'm talking about

  13. pep.

    TIL there are editor meetings

  14. daniel

    yeah it doesn’t feed from the same source; which is a bit sad

  15. pep.

    daniel, which source?

  16. daniel

    upcoming/past events and the google calander are not the same

  17. pep.

    Ah, the wiki?

  18. daniel


  19. pep.

    indeed, that'd be good to have

  20. pep.

    So we would use it more

  21. pep.

    It does seem a bit pointless atm to use the calendar as it doesn't show up anywhere meaningful

  22. Guus

    it shows up in my calendar 🙂

  23. pep.


  24. Guus

    but I'd welcome improvements

  25. daniel

    and/or (and i don’t know if there is a media wiki plugin or something); event pages that we create don’t feed into google cal nor automatically into upcoming events

  26. pep.

    I would also like to have all of this synced. So that we show it up on the wiki, and also on the webpage even

  27. pep.

    somebody(tm) should look into that someday I guess

  28. pep.

    I don't especially want to poll google calendar on every page refresh though :x

  29. Guus

    That settles it. You now have access to that calendar. 🙂

  30. pep.


  31. pep.

    Talking about calendars. Should we maybe plan a somewhat regular meeting, like once a month, or every month and a half, just to check-in. It's fine if there's nothing to talk about, we can just agree beforehand that there's nothing to talk about and not do it

  32. pep.

    I do want though to have irregular "meetings" to agree about how to handle budget etc., say we have an upcoming event and we want to spend X, I'd like to have some kind of approval. Atm it seems yolo enough

  33. Guus


  34. Guus

    put it on the

  35. Guus

    wait for it

  36. Guus


  37. pep.

    I still need to get everybody to agree

  38. Guus

    If not, it'll be you and me - which is a good start

  39. Guus

    just go for it

  40. pep.

    preferred date?

  41. pep.

    day*, rather

  42. daniel

    Tuesday 5pm

  43. Guus

    Not wednesdays.

  44. Guus

    after 5pm doesn't work for me. Kids need to be picked up and fed by then.

  45. Guus

    I can lurk, at best, at those times.

  46. pep.

    Tuesday 4pm?

  47. daniel


  48. pep.

    Every first tuesday of the month, 4pm?

  49. Guus


  50. pep.

    Let's say 30mn, but that will depend on the content anyway. I propose that if there's no agenda we automatically reconduct. Now I need to find a place to put that agenda

  51. Guus

    Trello works for board and council

  52. pep.

    Council doesn't use it

  53. pep.

    It only works for board

  54. Guus

    Trello works for board.

  55. pep.

    I'm not especially fan of that, but let's go for that and if somebody has something better to propose we can change later on

  56. pep.

    I sent invites

  57. pep.

    How do I create a team now..

  58. pep.

    oh, got it

  59. Guus

    Oh, we have an XSF Org on Trello

  60. Guus

    want me to recreate it under that?

  61. Guus

  62. pep.


  63. pep.

    I created the event on the calendar

  64. pep.

    I'll delete the other team then

  65. Guus


  66. Guus

    recreated here:

  67. Guus

    invited the same people

  68. Guus

    made everyone admin

  69. pep.

    how do I delete a board..

  70. Guus

    can you take it from here please? #dayjob

  71. pep.


  72. Guus

    I don't know how to delete it

  73. Guus

    oh, you might want to add ralph

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  81. pep.

    COM8, hey

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  83. SouL

    Long time no see!

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  88. COM8

    If there is anything I can help, just let me know 🙂

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