Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-10-15

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  8. daniel What's the process of submitting a talk to the devroom? Go through the fosdem website?
  9. ralphm No, there will be a call for that. I don't know, yet, when.
  10. ralphm (if you meant FOSDEM)
  11. daniel Yes that's what I meant. Thanks.
  12. ralphm I'll let you know when I know more.
  13. Guus (I think I was dropped from that organization - I was on there last year, but not this year. I don't particularly mind, but be aware that I'm missing the information)
  14. pep. How do we get into that "organization"? Not that I'm worried about you guys going away, but bus factor etc.
  15. ralphm There are several people involved, including me and Saul
  16. pep. Saul?
  17. ralphm Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
  18. pep. Is he related to the XSF at all?
  19. ralphm He has written XEPs, works in the Jitsi team.
  20. pep. Ok
  21. pep. he doesn't seem to hang around here very much though
  22. ralphm The room is a collaboration between us and the webrtc / calling community.
  23. ralphm And now I'm driving.
  24. pep. Oh that's fine you can answer later if you want :)
  25. pep. I never expect answers right away
  26. Guus Saul is one of the Jitsi devs
  27. Guus And all around awesome guy
  28. ralphm daniel: I linked the CfP for the Decentralized Internet & Privacy devroom over at
  29. ralphm (a different, but probably interesting room)
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