Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-11-06

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  25. Guus Thanks for the minutes, pep.
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  27. pep. Could we sort out the scam mailing list once and for all
  28. pep. I've asked maybe 3 times and each time something has been done but apparently nothing is fixed
  29. pep. that's the one?
  30. pep. So the email is scam-team@ and not scam@
  31. pep. Maybe that would explain it
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  39. pep. (can somebody confirm?)
  40. MattJ
  41. MattJ > To post a message to all the list members, send email to
  42. pep. Ok, well that's what I have done yesterday
  43. pep. See my mail to members
  44. Guus I saw some kind of rejectino
  45. Guus as my address is used in an announcement sent to a gazillion mailing lists (for FOSDEM), i'm generally ignoring mailinglist bounces
  46. Guus I got this: "The attached message has been automatically discarded."
  47. Guus no reason why
  48. pep. because of the signature (gpg)?
  49. MattJ pep., I don't see you on the member list
  50. pep.
  51. pep. yesterday's email
  52. pep. I included in To:
  53. MattJ But I assume only list members can post to the list
  54. pep. Ah you mean for scam
  55. pep. meh :/
  56. pep. because $spam ?
  57. pep. That means it's not an address I can use as a point of contact, which I generally want to do :/
  58. Guus that list has never been used. I think I'm admin, but I need to search hard for the associated password...
  59. MattJ Usually, yes
  60. Guus I don't mind that list being reconfigured (as it's not used anyway)
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  64. Guus ah, found the password
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  68. Guus So, what do we want for this list/
  69. MattJ I don't think opening it up to non-members is a good idea, unless we want to archive spam
  70. SouL No please :( It is very tough to moderate a list with lots of spam (I'm looking at you, board)
  71. Guus ok, so: no changes?
  72. Guus I can add moderator addresses if desired?
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  76. pep. Do we have spam going to standards? Is somebody standing in front moderating?
  77. pep. (I doubt it)
  78. pep. It seems even more exposed to me than board
  79. MattJ It rejects non-members, same as scam
  80. pep. standards?
  81. MattJ Yes
  82. pep. wut
  83. pep. TIL
  84. MattJ er
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  86. pep. How do you become member on standard?
  87. MattJ I think you misunderstand, I mean list members, not XSF members
  88. pep. sure
  89. pep. I got that
  90. MattJ
  91. pep. Ah right, you need to register
  92. pep. ok
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