Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-11-16

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  2. pep. So we're at the Capitole du libre! Doing propaganda, with candies
  3. pep. Can I bribe somebody to send something on twitter?
  4. pep. lskjflskdjf was creating a picture for us aiui :)
  5. lskjflskdjf Coucou! People from @JabberFR are at the @CapitoleDuLibre. Nous somme dans le village associatif, juste à l'entrée. Rejoignez-nous pour parler d'XMPP ! L'évènement se déroule aujourd'hui et demain et l'entrée est gratuite. daniel, could you post this? ^
  6. lskjflskdjf actually * are at the @CapitoleDuLibre in Toulouse
  7. lskjflskdjf pep., yeah since this doesn't seem to go fast we probably want to remove the "today" :s . The second sentence would then be "The event also takes place tomorrow and entrance is free." Practising my french-guessing: "L'évènement se déroule aussi demain et l'entrée est gratuite."?
  8. pep. yep !
  9. pep. I see your french is pretty good :p
  10. lskjflskdjf woo!
  11. lskjflskdjf goes and gets some baguette
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  13. lskjflskdjf well "tomorrow" also doesn't really fit anymore 😀
  14. lskjflskdjf pep., you should get yourself some twitter access 😛
  15. lskjflskdjf Mhh who else in here could have access ... highlighting Guus and Nÿco
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  18. Guus I can tweet, but I dont think I can add people. Talk to Kev
  19. lskjflskdjf Guus, it would be mainly about tweeting the text and picture I posted above. The access thing was just a suggestion for the future.
  20. pep. Tweeting now might not be smart though, we'd rather tweet in the morning when we arrive