Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-11-17

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  2. daniel

    whats the final sentence that i should tweet?

  3. daniel

    should i just remove the 'et demain'?

  4. daniel

    "Coucou! People from @JabberFR are at the@CapitoleDuLibre in Toulouse. Nous somme dans le village associatif, juste à l'entrée. Rejoignez-nous pour parler d'XMPP ! L'évènement se déroule aujourd'hui et l'entrée est gratuite."

  5. daniel

    ok; tweeted

  6. daniel

    (i was going to head out and make a decision)

  7. pep.

    Thanks :)

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  10. pep.

    So we've created a channel just for the event with some mild success. There's currently 17 users in it (but you can remove about 6 that are "us"). We had displayed everywhere in the conference QR codes to an easy-xmpp-invitation instance (, with a converse instance linked from there, and we were redirecting people to that channel at the booth

  11. pep.

    On the flyer we mentioned and (flyer translated to french..)

  12. pep.

    Link Mauve, do you have stats for newly created accounts this weekend?

  13. pep.

    I'm thinking maybe we should have an "event" channel for all these small events. Maybe CCC would be fine on its own, dunno.

  14. pep.

    Also it's hard to entertain people in there. They're busy with their stuff

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