Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-11-20

  1. pep. woo, the scam ml archives are not empty anymore.
  2. pep. I am not sure how many of you are subscribed to this, it'd be great if you could have a look
  3. pep. this link rather. But this actually links to:
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  12. Guus Thanks pep.
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  25. Nÿco
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  30. pep. Nÿco, I would be wiling to add them on the teams' pages actually
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  32. ralphm
  33. Nÿco pep. yep, that's one of the aspects we discussed in the commteam
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  35. ralphm I registered the XMPP Summit as a fringe event for FOSDEM 2020
  36. MattJ That's great, thanks!
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  38. Nÿco it is the FOSDEM that is a fringe event of the XMPP Summit :)
  39. ralphm Sure, Nÿco.
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