Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-11-23

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  9. Nÿco well, when I called for contributions, the response was quite underwhelming, sooo...
  10. Nÿco so, precisely now, what do you want to register, contribute, do, bring with you?
  11. Nÿco clearly, I won't do things alone, or with only one dude, like last years
  12. Nÿco that's a big opportunity, it would be a huge shame not to be there
  13. Nÿco it confirms the general feeling that "XMPP is dead"
  14. Nÿco so, who can be there? what do we have?
  15. Nÿco so far, I host the track "Business Apps - Outils de communication" there is Matrix, Xivo, BlueMind, Wazo, aaand... XMPP
  16. pep. I told you I was going to be there when you asked
  17. pep. dunno, we just made a bunch of flyers for the Capitole du Libre, we can reuse those maybe, we also have the flag. We can have a booth at least
  18. pep. "Nÿco> it confirms the general feeling that "XMPP is dead"" < "XMPP" won't be at every single conference ever, at least I won't, so I don't really consider this an issue
  19. pep. I do my best to attend what I can
  20. Nÿco > I told you I was going to be there when you asked no you told me you were not sure
  21. Nÿco flyers will be cool, I haven't seen them a roller banner maybe? dunno for a booth, I've asked one long ago, I'll see if it's confirmed or not
  22. Nÿco pep. there is nothing personal here, you're one moving on...
  23. Nÿco btw, congrats for your election, you're gonna rock, I'm sure
  24. Nÿco so we can probably create more stuff, like guides (user, dev, admin), or "pros & cons" for decision makers
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  26. Link Mauve Nÿco,
  27. Link Mauve (In French.)
  28. pep. There's a few spelling mistakes :/
  29. Link Mauve We’ll make fewer of them the next run!
  30. pep. But we still have some to get rid of. Any idea how many you have Link Mauve
  31. Link Mauve 59.
  32. Link Mauve And you?
  33. pep. 15
  34. Link Mauve So we handed out exactly half of what we printed.
  35. Nÿco Awesome !
  36. pep. I guess that would be enough for POSS, it's not a huge conference is it
  37. pep. (never been there)
  38. Nÿco Clearly, to me, it's not enough
  39. Nÿco There is like several thousands attendees
  40. pep. ah
  41. Nÿco This stock will be dried in hours :)
  42. Nÿco So that's for users, very well
  43. Nÿco For admins, I re-wrote the short Getting Started of MongooseIM, that could help
  44. Nÿco I'd be willing to do a Prosoverse guide :) or Consody? That's Prosody + Converse
  45. pep. Is the setup similar to say froscon? commercial stuff in the middle and free software stuff isolated somewhere
  46. Nÿco Businessy and communty have equal villages
  47. Nÿco In size
  48. Nÿco Sorry, mobile, fat fingers :/
  49. pep. And in location?
  50. pep. You are also going as Nayego I assume?
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  52. Nÿco location, what?
  53. Nÿco no, Nayego is a company, commercial entity the booth we're targeting is in the community village
  54. Nÿco community is not anti-commercial though
  55. Nÿco companies book booths in the business village
  56. Nÿco strengthening the community, showing some modernism, demonstrating real activity => that's more valuable
  57. Nÿco I'd say, I'll introduce myself as a member of the XSF CommTeam
  58. Nÿco you pep. I guess Board and, right?
  59. Nÿco who else?
  60. Nÿco I'd prefer we have various people, from different horizons
  61. Nÿco 4 or 5 persons would be cool to hold the booth
  62. pep. I'm not from JabberFR
  63. pep. Not that I don't want to be
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