Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-11-25

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  17. Nÿco so, can/should we organise a sprint prior to the POSS?
  18. Nÿco I can probably provide the office/meeting room
  19. Nÿco hey, SCAM team, can you please write a short article on all the Sprints that happened lately? like, for the last years, sprints have been great, they largely contributed to raising the awareness around XMPP/Jabber but still, we reach much more people with the newsletter now... an article of a few paragraphs, a picture or two, containing a list of the latest sprints: that could do
  20. Nÿco POSS: please put your names here:
  21. pep. Nÿco, I could try to write something for sure. It'd be great if I could also announce something in there, like when a decision is made for:
  22. pep. (for sprints)
  23. pep. Nÿco, is that POSS page good to add to ? (and if so maybe move it). I'm also happy if you want to have something separate for scam, even though we could add a "SCAM" section to our usual event pages I guess
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