Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-11-26

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  17. Nÿco announcing Sprints can be sponsored would need a full article by itself, I guess we could repeat it as a pointer in the following newsletter
  18. Nÿco pep. wiki page in Events, of course, I forgot that, sorry not sure what you mean by "separate from SCAM"
  19. pep. for*
  20. pep. As in,
  21. pep. hmm, I guess my question was rather "why do we create these event pages in the first place", and why not say link directly from to the conference website for example (some of these events pages are rather empty just with a sentence about the event)
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  23. Nÿco I still don't get it
  24. Nÿco > "why do we create these event pages in the first place" who's "we"? what are "event pages"?
  25. Nÿco so, I guess you are talking about the wiki I also guess that your classification work is awesome there may be some more work to do like the POSS page I have created is nowhere: I didn't know where to create it or what category to add also, I observe that there is no "Events" pages on the website
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  29. MattJ I think the wiki pages are useful for community members, and attendees who need to know details (meeting places, venue addresses, transport options, room sharing, etc.)
  30. MattJ I think they aren't the ideal pages to lead with for marketing an event (unless it is aimed purely at inner members of the community)
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  35. Nÿco I think the same the website and our social media are here to attract, explain, raise the awareness, etc. the wiki is an "internal" tool creating "Events" pages on the website would need a quite strict maintenance routine
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  38. pep. well until now we've been linking from the website to wiki pages for events we go to
  39. pep. Not saying this is good or bad, but maybe we should have guidelines
  40. pep. "we" is anybody I've seen updating community/events.html for example
  41. Nÿco yeah, so maybe there is room for improvement here...
  42. pep. btw, re sprint before POSS, I'll arrive on monday in the evening I think, so maybe not for me. (The event is on tuesday iirc)
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