Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-12-04

  1. Guus Nÿco Only now, I got the request to approve your subscription to the mailing list (which I did)
  2. Nÿco France's IP packets are on strike... :)
  3. Nÿco thx!
  4. Nÿco I'm gonna SCAM now... :)
  5. Guus > France's IP packets are on strike... 🙂 LOL
  6. Nÿco tomorrow is the armageddon in France, if you collaborate with some French, then just... forget/forgive them for a day or two :)
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  10. pep. Nÿco, a day or two? I hope this is going to continue a bit longer :)
  11. pep. Especially over the weekend
  12. pep. (and next week. we'll see)
  13. Nÿco Not sure yet
  14. Link Mauve Guus, hi, I just subscribed to the ML and apparently I then need to ping you.
  15. Guus Link Mauve: we will have to wait until it pings me
  16. Guus That was not instantaneous with Nÿco yesterday
  17. Nÿco we're closer to the strike... some start tonight :)
  18. Guus Link Mauve: oh, it was for you
  19. Guus Approved
  20. Link Mauve Thanks. :)
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