Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-12-05

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  58. Guus Regarding the Hotel - I briefly discussed this in today's Board meeting.
  59. Guus I feel that whatever choice we offer is going to have downsides to one person or the other.
  60. Guus I'd personally like to avoid spending a lot of effort in finding a replacement
  61. Guus But I think it's best to facilitate as many of the XSF members that's possible.
  62. Guus In Board, a suggestion was raised that the XSF could sponsor a percentage of the hotel costs.
  63. Guus That doesn't mean we can't also search for another hotel, of course
  64. Guus But maybe one of both is sufficient to properly facilitate the lion share of members that will be joining us.
  65. Guus thoughts?
  66. daniel Guus: what are this years costs?
  67. Guus one sec, table doesn't copy/paste properly
  68. Guus
  69. daniel I see. Thanks
  70. daniel The extreme unbalance between weekend rates and weekday rates makes this pretty hard to compare. I think on the weekend it might actually be a tad cheaper or at least the same price as the thon in down town for example. So people not staying for fosdem will get a different value out of that.
  71. Guus That's the effect from using a hotel in the business district. That dies down in the weekend.
  72. Guus Last years weekend was 75, iirc
  73. daniel Anyway the overall difference is probably not significant enough to make a big deal out of it. So I'd say hotel is fine for this year
  74. Guus Ok, I'll wait for others to pitch in on that.
  75. Guus What about the idea to offer some kind of sponsoring to hotel costs?
  76. daniel Until we have a proper overview of the finances / cash flow of the xsf I don't have an opinion on that matter
  77. Nÿco that's for the board to decide, I guess
  78. Nÿco as a member, I think it would be nice that some of our costs are covered
  79. MattJ Throwing out an arbitrary figure, I'm quite confident the XSF could cover 20% of the cost for the nights in that table for 15 members (amounts to ~€1500/$1600)
  80. MattJ In reality I think we are usually far fewer than 15 members, and many people don't stay the full time
  81. MattJ Obviously offering a discount may change that a little
  82. MattJ Thinking about attendence at the last summit, maybe we aren't always far fewer than 15 though
  83. MattJ A quick scan of the member list and my memory of who attended last year suggests 18 or so
  84. Guus Should we sponsor only people staying at the hotel that we arrange, or should extend that to all XSF members that spend time in a hotel in Brussels, during the summit/fosdem?
  85. MattJ I think it would be sensible to limit it to just one hotel
  86. Guus eg: Daniel already booked something else.
  87. Nÿco so it looks to me like Thon EU is fine for this year given our (Guus') time/capacity maybe a change of hotel is to consider, maybe in Oct/Nov next year if the board can cover some costs, that would do, from my point of view
  88. MattJ That, or we set a flat cap
  89. MattJ I think we should review the finances and have a deeper discussion at the next board meeting
  90. MattJ I don't see that anyone is going to object except on the grounds of "does the XSF have enough money?" - which can't really be answered
  91. MattJ Peter apologised and said he won't be able to complete the financial reports until after the end of this year, but I'm sure he'd be able to provide us with a rough snapshot of how things currently stand
  92. Guus He regularly does
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  94. daniel i feel like our money can be better spend than paying 20% of an (imho) overpriced hotel
  95. daniel to me 4 years ago 20% off still would have allowed me to stay at the thon
  96. MattJ still would, or still would not?
  97. daniel would not
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  99. daniel i think we should either (but maybe starting next year) have an official budget alternative OR sponsor certain indivduals to 100%
  100. MattJ I don't think the XSF can afford to pay the full accomodation for all members (at the extreme end), but of all the things we could spend money on, I don't see that allowing more people to attend is a bad thing to spend money on
  101. MattJ The price of the hotel is unfortunate, but finding a good && affordable hotel in a reasonable location in Brussels isn't easy
  102. MattJ If anything it puts pressure on us to find a better one for next year (I think it is likely too late for this year)
  103. daniel yeah it's too late for this year
  104. MattJ I would like to hear if 20% is enough to enable people to attend who wouldn't otherwise
  105. daniel i mean the thing about finding an official budget hotel is that it also makes sponsoring _some_ people 100% easier
  106. MattJ My feeling was that it would bring Thon to a level acceptable to more people, but if that's not the case then perhaps a fixed amount per member for any hotel would be better
  107. MattJ Having (mostly) everyone in the same hotel helps with various logistics as well
  108. daniel 20% brings down Thon EU to what i'll be paying this year - which is still a 4* hotel with breakfast in walking distance to the Thon EU - which is a lot more than I would have been able to afford 4 years ago
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