Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2019-12-06

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  3. pep. > Guus> Should we sponsor only people staying at the hotel that we arrange, or should extend that to all XSF members that spend time in a hotel in Brussels, during the summit/fosdem? I don't think only sponsoring people that use the hotel the XSF arranges is a good idea, at least until we move off to a way less expensive place. It wouldn't be fair to lots, I'd prefer allowing people joining summit to expense a % of their accomodation budget.
  4. pep. I think I'd also want a cap
  5. pep. 20% of 50 is not the same as 20% of 240
  6. pep. (for example)
  7. pep. If we do all members.
  8. pep. I'm not especially against sponsoring 100% (or a higher % than 20) of some members though. CCC has something they call Friends tickets for example:
  9. pep. As long as the information stays private, I think that's also a good alternative. A bit more ad-hoc and might require more processing upfront, but less afterwards (going through everybody's expenses)
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  29. Guus Uff - that's brave of them. I wouldn't want to be part of organizing that (having access to such private data, and have to decide who does, and who does not qualify)
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  32. daniel I think starting next year I will just organize a budget option. People don't have to use it. But it will be absolutely cheaper than 20% of thon and will safe the xsf some money
  33. daniel I mean I kinda unofficially did this before.
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  41. pep. While we're at it we can also take distance into account..
  42. Guus Let's not overdo things. We can certainly improve things, but we are not obligated to facilitate each and everyone. People can still make their own arrangements.
  43. pep. We are not obligated for sure, that doesn't mean it's not worth doing (in the next years, not this one). Some poeple can't make their own arrangements exactly because it's too expensive for them
  44. pep. And I don't want to exclude based on money
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  46. m1nus Hi
  47. pep. I'm thinking of madur (gsoc student) who lives in india, the small stipend we could have given him is "useless" (such a small part of his overall budget). In the end he didn't mention wanting to come so I didn't push forward, but it's the same issue to me for any other XSF member that'd live $notineurope
  48. pep. m1nus, hey
  49. m1nus Whats up
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  59. pep. Minutes for the meeting sent. Sorry for the delay
  60. pep. Nÿco, when do you want to talk about POSS?
  61. pep. When do you have time
  62. Nÿco a month or two ago
  63. pep. What about now? :)
  64. Nÿco sure
  65. pep. What is there to discuss exactly? I know you got a booth (or part of), which is cool. We still have some flyers (with plenty of spelling mistakes we're not proud of), we have the flag and we have stickers
  66. pep. ~75 flyers. Should we make a new batch. They're all in french.
  67. Nÿco that's a great start
  68. pep. (without the spelling mistakes this time)
  69. pep. (or different ones)
  70. Nÿco JC is sending me Converse stickers, I hope they arrive on time
  71. Nÿco meanwhile, we can still work on content, to print on paper
  72. Nÿco like a short tutorial
  73. pep. What target?
  74. pep. End users?
  75. pep. Is the flyer not enough?
  76. pep. Let me find a link again
  77. pep.
  78. Nÿco great
  79. Nÿco some of the pages are cool as well
  80. Nÿco I like this one as well:
  81. Nÿco you got the draft?
  82. Nÿco I can fix a few things
  83. pep. lskjflskdjf, you had the draft right?
  84. pep. Nÿco, I'm no Apple user but from what I understand SiskinIM doesn't have push support and that's why we chose another client for example
  85. Nÿco that's an example
  86. pep. k
  87. Nÿco oh ok
  88. Nÿco I get it
  89. Nÿco click on the "details" page
  90. Nÿco (tabs all have the same URL)
  91. pep. Nÿco, maybe interesting to link as a "more details" page, but yeah I don't see this as a flyer :p
  92. pep. Too much text
  93. Nÿco yes, it is an example
  94. Nÿco done is better than perfect
  95. Nÿco so do you have your flyers original? (source code?)
  96. pep. I asked. I don't personally
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  103. Nÿco what if we target developers?
  104. Nÿco because most clients/apps do not compete with the leaders
  105. Nÿco otherwise, there will be some decision makers, so high level advantges would help
  106. pep. I'm happy targetting developers for sure. I don't think we have any relevent documentation yet though, or they are spread around in individual projects
  107. pep. I know daniel had some slides for a possible talk. I did start something as well that I hoped would appear on, but I haven't made much progress yet
  108. daniel What are those decision makers making decisions on?
  109. pep. Nÿco, realistically I don't have time to come up with a new flyer for POSS. I agree that could have been done earlier and I'm sorry about that but now it's a bit late. If you think there are things to change on the one we have then we can certainly do that
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