Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2020-01-06

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  7. Guus That's to bad. Given the latest communication from FOSDEM orgs, can anyone see how we'd have a more spacy spot than last year?
  8. Guus If not: are we even going to bother with the bean bags and all?
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  12. MattJ Which hallway, out of curiosity?
  13. Guus same floor
  14. Guus
  15. Guus Quoting FOSDEM email: > on K-2, group D is to the left and group E to the right
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  18. MattJ I guess perhaps they wanted to group Mattermost (I don't think they have had a stand before), but there isn't room
  19. MattJ We're grouped under "World Wide Web" :)
  20. MattJ I don't think it's a disaster if things are different this year, we may well get more visibility
  21. pep. I don't have anything to add to the agenda for tomorrow's meeting. I still need to send stuff to the list about sponsoring sprints, so we won't have time to talk about it beforehand. I'll try to send it this week so we can address it next meeting
  22. pep. The agenda is empty, so if there's nothing tomorrow morning I suggest we reconduct
  23. Guus Hmm, unsure if applicable, but for your consideration as agenda items: - GSoC ? - Create visuals / handouts to be distributed (at fosdem)
  24. pep. Sure
  25. pep. What about GSoC specifically?
  26. pep. I sent an email to members@ to ask for an org admin this year
  27. Guus unsure if we need to talk about GSoC - but deadline is rapidly approaching.
  28. pep. Dunno if Flow would like to stand again
  29. Guus I ping'ed Flow last month, he seemed interesting, but didn't commit.
  30. Guus (yet)
  31. pep. Or maybe vanitasvitae is interested? he created the wiki page :p
  32. Guus Kev has been the org admin before. It might be worth pinging him too.
  33. pep. It's also very much possible to have more than one (so that they don't have to be 100% all the time)
  34. Guus I think it's even required to have more than one.
  35. pep. Did we have more than Flow last year? You as a backup?
  36. Guus or at least very much suggested (by Google) that you do.
  37. Guus I've acted as a token admin last year, but Flow really did all of the work
  38. pep. Ok well let's talk about all that tomorrow. I'll ping people I think might be interested
  39. pep. Can you add agenda items when you have time?
  40. Guus GSoC really isn't SCAM, is it?
  41. pep. We also have pending items that we can talk about. "Accessories for conferences". MattJ mentioned last time a leaflet stand, I guess that goes with FOSDEM things
  42. pep. Usually that's board?
  43. Guus
  44. pep. thanks
  45. pep. I guess we can add GSoC to this week's board meeting
  46. Guus and yes on the accessories. I think we should just pick / order one.
  47. pep. Ah I created an item in the board trello thing, but there was already one..
  48. pep. I like how it's called "Apply for GSoC 2020", but we don't know if any project is even willing to participate :p
  49. Guus Ignite probably is
  50. Guus I'll try to add an EXI project proposal for Openfire
  51. Guus and I'm thinking that Florian is interested in doing something for Smack too.
  52. pep. I don't know about poezio, nor other projects I'm in. It's quite some time and I don't have anybody financially sponsoring this time for me..
  53. Guus enroll as a student, join GSoC and get sponsored 🙂
  54. pep. heh
  55. pep. Might even be possible tbh
  56. Guus beware that your application will be scrutinized. We don't want to be perceived as gaming the system.
  57. Guus (you're at a disadvantage)
  58. pep. dammit!
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