Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2020-01-20

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  23. MattJ

    Did anyone organise leaflet stands already? If not, I'm going to try to bring some

  24. MattJ

    Since I'm also planning to bring some leaflets with me now

  25. Guus

    No-one did to my knowledge. Nor any type of swag.

  26. ralphm

    I've mentioned the same elsewhere this weekend.

  27. Guus

    I've spread myself somewhat thin over various projects - if someone could pick this up, it'd be much appreciated.

  28. pep.

    I'm not personally planning anything for FOSDEM. I'll bring some stickers I have left.

  29. ralphm

    I don't have a concrete idea for swag yet.

  30. ralphm

    But likely not hoodies this year.

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