Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2020-01-22

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  22. Guus I'm preparing for the Dinner signup form. Could you please review ?
  23. Guus (if you need access, I can give that to you)
  24. MattJ
  25. MattJ (it says "2016"?)
  26. Guus I noticed that too. I think that was the original form that this was copied from. I can't seem to find it. I just added your gmail address as a collaborator, MattJ
  27. Guus (I found it as soon as I typed "I can't find it". Fixed now)
  28. daniel Guus, what kind of review are you looking for? i don’t speak french so i wouldn’t be able to review that
  29. daniel but feel free to add me as well if you think i can be of help
  30. Guus daniel: just a once over would do. I translated the Dutch into English myself, for example
  31. daniel that == that the translation is correct
  32. Guus I didn't bother with French translations this time
  33. Guus Yeah, pretty much. And any other glaring omissions that you can spot.
  34. daniel oh; i always thought that french was the original as provided by the restaurant
  35. Guus it's dutchly-french 🙂
  36. Guus There's some overlap, but not for all. I removed what we had, as I don't have the time to look up the rest
  37. Guus (kind of spread myself thin, before fosdem)
  38. Guus happy for others to augment the form, but English should be a good enough bare minimum, I figured.
  39. MattJ LGTM
  40. MattJ I changed January "30st" to "30th"
  41. MattJ Assuming 30 was the correct date
  42. daniel yes 30th is correct
  43. Guus Ah, thanks. Last year, it was 31, which is why it had 'st' instead of 'th' I think
  44. Guus it's on thursday, which should be 30 January.
  45. Guus Should we add a reply-before-date ?
  46. Guus the restaurant needs the final tally a couple of days in advance
  47. Guus I think that providing it to them by Monday evening / Tuesday morning would suffice.
  48. Guus I need to be off for about 2 hours
  49. Guus ttyl
  50. ralphm It appears that they changed the stand locations, and we're back in the corner, with Matrix, Mattermost, wolfSSL, and Linphone.
  51. ralphm Guus: Ralph's Delight, really?
  52. ralphm Good to see the steak is back
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  54. Yay
  55. ralphm, to all of the above?
  56. The steak, mainly.
  57. Ralph's Delight must be a scheme to lower the number of people ordering it. It sounds niche.
  58. ralphm This is the second time a dish has been named after me.
  59. ralphm But I mostly referring to the message about the stand location, which I why I nudged you to join.
  60. Back in the corner is a yay
  61. Although not hauling with all the stuff this year was appealing.
  62. (on a call, so can't really reply wihtout raising some eyebrows)
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  64. Guus To be honest - I don't think that there's much of a point to haul all stuff, even if we're back in that corner, if it's as crowded as the last few years.
  65. Guus with so many stands, the lounge setup doesn't work.
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  68. intosi That's a reasonable point
  69. ralphm On the other hand, 4 out of 5 of those stands are related
  70. Guus The last few years, it was a mess. If we can find a way to pull it off, that'd be great - but as things were, I don't think it added value.
  71. ralphm By the way, I know it is very close to the summit, but should we try to print swag. Like t-shirts?
  72. intosi Good idea. I could do with a new xmpp shirt.
  73. Guus I'd like that - but I really don't have the time to organize things.
  74. Guus if you could take point on that - by all means.
  75. ralphm Suggestions for the print are welcome. I can do some research and order today.
  76. intosi It feels to me the lounge as is has run its course, at least with the limited space we have had the last few years.
  77. ralphm intosi, we can choose to not call it lounge next year
  78. ralphm but this year it still is, on the schedule, etc.
  79. intosi Okay.
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  83. Guus I don't think anyone expects there to be an actual lounge. And if they do, they'll be more disappointed by what we can offer in that space. I'd prefer to not set up the beanbags, tables and carpets this year.
  84. Guus I'll order some more stickers. The XMPP logo and the "hello my JID is" designs is what I have, and can order.
  85. Guus oh, I actually still have plenty of those "hello my JID is" stickers.
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