Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2020-01-23

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  36. DebXWoody

    Hello all. I will try to setup a Meetup for Frankfurt, Germany.

  37. DebXWoody

    I hope I will be able to build a local xmpp community in Frankfurt. Maybe we can also visit some local groups (LUGs,..). We will see.

  38. Guus


  39. Guus

    The dinner invitation form was OK, right?

  40. daniel

    I have never been invited

  41. Guus

    I didn't send them out - was meaning to do that now, unless someone found an issue with the form.

  42. Guus

    Okay, the form is now accepting entries. I've scheduled an email with an invitation to be sent to summit@ and members@ in an hour (which gives you a bit of time to tell me to change something - make sure to mention me explicitly in messages if you want me to, as I might otherwise read them only after the emails have gone out.

  43. pep.

    DebXWoody, good to hear!

  44. pep.

    Keep us up-to-date :)

  45. pep.

    If you have a wiki account you're welcome to add it in there under Meetups

  46. pep.

    And also we can add that to the website

  47. pep.

  48. pep.

    Oh it's in

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  55. MattJ

    Just noticed the "SCAM metadata" on

  56. MattJ

    Neat idea, but is it up to date?

  57. pep.

    I never look at it. In the past I've copied it from different pages, but :x

  58. Guus

    I think we never actually used that.

  59. Guus

    I came up with that template when we started SCAM, but never really created a workflow around it.

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  61. COM8

    Since I don't have time to actively participate/help you at the moment, I would like to resign from my active membership in SCAM. Nevertheless, I will try to help wherever I can. Do I only have to remove myself from the wiki page for this?

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  65. pep.

    COM8: there are people less active than you in other teams.. but if you want to make that official we can put that on the board agenda I guess

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