Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2020-01-27

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  42. COM8 Yes, I think this will be the best. Once I have more time again I can apply as an active team member again.
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  54. ralphm Someone from linphone on the FOSDEM stands list: “Thank you for your recommandations and for giving us the possibility to have a stand! I just have a quick question about the info displayed on the FOSDEM website : we have a table located in K level 2 (group D), but I am a bit surprised by the name of this group : World Wide Web. Shouldn’t it be Real-time communications, or something like that? As we are next to our friends from Matrix and Mattermost. I saw that there is another group called World Wide Web, si I am wondering if there is a mistake on the website.”
  55. ralphm :-D
  56. May I have 'things that are web scale, no matter what Google Talk claims?' for €100, please?
  57. ralphm :-D
  58. ralphm I replied: “Indeed. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that we (from the XMPP Standards Foundation) will be happy to work with you all to host the Realtime Lounge™ again in this area. We'll bring the beanbags, cushions, and stools. You bring the great conversations and friendly atmosphere? Impression:”
  59. ralphm Apparently they will bring chocolates. Yay
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