Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2020-02-18

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  4. Guus

    As we discussed in the last meeting, I've contacted a designer to see if he can come up with designs for things that we can hand out at conferences, etc. Today, he sent me this:

  5. Guus

    > I have two design variations for the XSF A4 Size folder design with pockets to hold the flyers or papers. I have some more stuff to add on the folders but I wanted to get your feedback to finalize it. Attached images are only for preview and not high resolution.

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  23. pep.

    Visually I prefer the second one.

  24. pep.

    I thought this was mostly flyers to describe what XMPP is though, not the XSF, so I'm a bit surprised that they're titled "XSF" :x

  25. Guus

    The second one, being the lighter one?

  26. Guus

    Don't focus on the texts just yet. 😉

  27. Guus

    (I agree: we should have folders on XMPP, primarily - but it might not be bad to have one about the XSF too).

  28. Guus

    but what I sent today was primarily to get feedback on the design, not content (yet)

  29. daniel

    There are both pretty cool. But yes I also like the lighter one a bit better

  30. Guus

    This might be just from my context, but the darker one, I relate to the ignite realtime community more than XSF.

  31. Guus

    Ignite uses similar colors for its website.

  32. Guus

    The lighter one seems to re-use the color scheme from the XMPP logo, making it more recognizable to me. I prefer that one for the XSF as well.

  33. MattJ

    +1 for lighter

  34. daniel

    Guus: yes the matching colors is what I like about it as well.

  35. pep.

    Guus, yes the lighter one

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  40. daniel

    We have multiple sprints coming up this quarter. We haven't anything lined up for after that yet. To encourage sprints at the same pace I would like to officially communicate our (xsf/scam) willingness to sponsor sprints that are open to the public. I suggest we use the 'Sprints' (how to sprint) page on the wiki for that. Sponsorship (at the beginning, because I think that's the minimum we can agree on) includes non alcoholic beverages and snack / food under certain amounts. (like ordering pizza might be fine but not 6 course menu) I further suggest that pep and I in the sprints channel act as point of contact

  41. daniel

    Putting it in the sprints channel also makes the request / the announcement of the sprint inherently public

  42. daniel

    Conditions on our side are announced publicly on wiki + public blog post about results

  43. daniel

    And scams prior ok

  44. daniel

    No claims afterwards

  45. daniel

    More sponsorings (travel, location) can be reevaluated after we done the first thing a bunch of times

  46. MattJ

    Sounds good to me

  47. daniel

    (me personally, even though I don't drink anyway, are not super set on the non alcoholic part of the beverages. But someone else wanted that in iirc)

  48. daniel

    I mean sponsoring drugs is probably a slippery slope. We don't want to get into the 'is weed a snack' debate

  49. MattJ


  50. MattJ

    I know certain circles where it wouldn't even be a debate

  51. MattJ

    But yes, this all makes sense

  52. MattJ

    I'd also volunteer to organise a sprint in the UK if it were slightly easier and if... there's actually any interest

  53. MattJ

    I note there are two in Germany in March, it's a shame but I can't really just fly out to Germany twice in a month

  54. MattJ

    But I get that there is a not-insignificant cluster of devs and users there

  55. daniel

    Well the Dusseldorf isn't probably very interesting to you anyway. But the Berlin one was fun last year

  56. daniel

    Especially since it has catering and stuff

  57. MattJ

    I'm guessing that wasn't the one I went to some years back (was that a summit or a sprint or what? I can't remember)

  58. daniel

    I think there was one a long time ago prior to ietf

  59. daniel

    That was a sprint I think

  60. daniel

    But I only know about that from a wiki page

  61. MattJ

    Found my flight receipt, it was a summit in 2014

  62. MattJ

    Time flies

  63. MattJ was it

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  65. lskjflskdjf

    Guus, I'm a bit suprised at that it is an envelope for other flyers. Given that there are barely any xmpp flyers, it seems odd that the first think to be designed is an envelope for other flyers. And as a normal flyer this design is slightly off given that 90% of it's space is just "decoration". Even if there would be other flyers to put in there, I wouldn't be quite convinced by the concept of a flyer envelope - why not do a "normal" flyer with the light theme?

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  72. pep.

    yeah that does also look weird to me