Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2020-02-20

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  20. pep. I just sent this, proposal to support sprints as was discussed a few weeks ago. Please give feedback

  21. daniel

    pep.: am I right in understanding that some of these paragraphs are side notes not intended for publication?

  22. pep.

    yeah ~ some of it are some of it aren't. I doubt we'll publish it as it anyway but I'm happy to keep the format

  23. daniel

    I think we are already in agreement about the terms. And vast parts of the text look fine for publication as is to me

  24. daniel

    Maybe add a footnote that we need receipts. But since everyone will go through us anyway it's problem OK to tell them individually

  25. daniel

    I kinda liked my proposal of having them go through the sprint channel and contact you or me in there

  26. pep.

    Hmm right I haven't mentioned that they'll have to expense

  27. daniel

    Because then it's a public event by default

  28. pep.

    Can you reply in the thread? So we keep note of that :)

  29. daniel

    Sure. Tomorrow then though

  30. pep.


  31. pep.

    Should we also set like an approximate limit of how much we want to allocate for sprints?

  32. pep.

    I guess we'll see how many requests we get, but if we just take in everything there is we'll possibly run out at the end of the year (or not)

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