Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2020-02-24

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  20. pep.

    I haven't had much feedback on list fwiw

  21. pep.

    I'd be great to get some more before we talk about it next meeting

  22. daniel

    I'd take it as agreement

  23. pep.

    daniel, positive feedback is also appreciated :)

  24. Guus

    I'm catching up with 1001 things - haven't gotten around to it yet. In general, I don't dislike the idea of supporting sprints financially.

  25. pep.

    I'm in holidays next week, not sure I'll be able to attend the meeting but I'll do my best. If I don't make it, I'm happy with changes daniel suggested above, and I've replied to jonas' feedback on-list

  26. pep.

    We should probably have an idea of how much this is going to impact the budget, etc.

  27. daniel

    I think I'll copy past / slightly modify this into a snippet for the wiki that we can actually vote on

  28. pep.


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  37. Guus

  38. Guus

  39. pep.

    colors and pictures on the first image don't reflect anything of the XSF I have in mind. The second page looks better

  40. pep.

    I guess the picture is possibly not the final one. I'm curious what has been discussed with the designer as target user

  41. Guus

    Nothing. I've given him carte blanche

  42. pep.

    Maybe that's an issue actually. I'd think designers need a target etc. to know how to make their marketing material. Otherwise it feels shallow. "Hey we've made this great looking ad on pork!" "And you're targeting vegetarians?"

  43. pep.

    Of course I'm happy not to bikeshed right away

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