Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2020-03-12

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  42. pep. Talking about money in xsf@, I still haven't expensed things from Summit (taxi) etc., is it too late :x
  43. Guus I also have to do expenses 🙂
  44. pep. cool, I'll poke peter quickly
  45. Guus just send him your expense sheet
  46. pep. do we have something like that? a sheet?
  47. Guus Nothing official, you can make one up
  48. Guus Maybe I have a template somewhere
  49. Guus can't find it right now. Just have a nice spreadsheet and send a copy of the invoices, and you'll be fine.
  50. pep. Guus, "SCS Bruxelles" rings a bell? That's the closest that look like taxi costs to me
  51. pep. ~27-28EUR
  52. pep. twice for me (going and back)
  53. pep. On the 01/30
  54. Guus sounds like taxi. I was mostly sick in bed 🙂
  55. pep. Hah right sorry, I remember now :p
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  60. pep. Ok so there was no formal voting on the sprint proposal but multiple board members other than us have expressed their agreement, so that's a go?
  61. pep. :)
  62. pep. Not that it really should have been to board I think, but it doesn't hurt. I did want peter's insight though
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  64. daniel pep.: I only skimmed the board chat. But the result was that it comes out of scams budget and we decide, right?
  65. pep. yes
  66. daniel And then if need be we talk about increasing our budget
  67. pep. yep
  68. daniel Yes I find that sensible
  69. pep. Also it doesn't mean every single sprint will have 10 people (150EUR), and it doesn't mean they'll spend everything, so on average I think we'll hit more than 4 sprints a year
  70. pep. (even if just 5 :p)
  71. pep. I'm curious about other expenses ralph mentioned on xsf@ re Summit. I think it might be a good time to open up an expense sheet
  72. pep. for SCAM
  73. pep. And somewhat plan our budget
  74. daniel We haven't had a single sprint requesting funding yet
  75. daniel So no reason to get ahead of ourselves
  76. daniel I'm afraid that the next months are going to be less sprinty anyway
  77. pep. virus and all, probably
  78. MattJ I'm holding a sprint at my house
  79. MattJ can I expense my food/drinks?
  80. daniel MattJ: do you make the three person minimum?
  81. pep. Technically not forbidden by the proposal, but there was some kind of consensus around 4 minimum. Maybe we'll add that to the proposal to make it clearer
  82. daniel And are you going to blog about it ml
  83. daniel And are you going to blog about it?
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  85. MattJ Serious question: distributed/remote sprints? :)
  86. pep. I'm all up for it, I'm happy to consider that
  87. daniel Yeah I don't think those need funding
  88. daniel I mean they might do
  89. MattJ True
  90. daniel But I'm not going to order doordash for all participants
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  102. Guus Might be good to have a request template or something. Just to streamline the requests
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  106. pep. could help indeed
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  108. pep. I'm thinking about a blog post or sth first
  109. pep. I am inevitably going to mention the virus though, maybe not by name
  110. pep. Or maybe not, dunno. Maybe just saying "you're grown up enough to judge by yourself"
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  113. MattJ As much as I agree with the "judge for yourself" approach, I think it would be weird to /not/ mention the virus
  114. MattJ or it will simply seem like we're promoting IRL meet-ups at a very weird time :)
  115. pep. Sure
  116. daniel Yes probably not the best time to publish this now
  117. daniel I mean this has been in the making for a while now
  118. pep. Ok well, I can draft something and we can either publish it later when the pandemy is over, or never publish it because the world would have burned away
  119. pep. Zombieapocalypse and al
  120. pep. Zombieapocalypse and all
  121. daniel Well we can put the rules up on the wiki
  122. daniel Making the information available for those who seek it
  123. daniel But we can wait with the promo for a while
  124. pep. sure