Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2020-10-06

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  22. daniel

    Are we going to have a meeting in half an hour?

  23. pep.


  24. pep.

    Thanks for reminding me

  25. pep.

    Even though I do have stuff notifying me on the phone

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  28. pep. reading through this. I like the name of this year :p

  29. pep.

    “Push To Talk”

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  31. pep.

    hmm, so it seems CCC is "just" going to be a bunch of smaller events from all various hackerspaces happening at the same time?

  32. pep. < they all have different platforms linked (jitsi-meet, mumble, etc.)

  33. daniel

    yeah i don’t really know how that's supposed to work

  34. daniel

    going to work

  35. daniel

    to be very honest all the remote stuff I participated over the last 6 month wasn’t that good

  36. pep.

    I participated in DOTS recently, MattJ as well. I actually liked it.

  37. pep.

    Something something decentralized design stuff

  38. vanitasvitae

    on sunday I participated in the ESA open day, which was okayish

  39. MattJ

    I have three monitors, I don't know how I could have participated in that workshop with any fewer

  40. MattJ

    But it was good, yes

  41. vanitasvitae

    Basically they had 4 or 5 talks in parallel plus answering of questions in chat

  42. pep.

    They used a feature of Big Blue Button which allows you to easily create "sub" rooms and shove of fpeople in there

  43. pep.

    They used a feature of Big Blue Button which allows you to easily create "sub" rooms and shove off people in there

  44. pep.

    That can be done with other platforms I'm sure even though it's not a feature per se

  45. pep.

    But I believe something can be made enjoyable if well organised

  46. pep.

    Though tbh Summit is not really passionate talks :p

  47. pep.

    A bunch of protocol nerds arguing

  48. vanitasvitae


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  50. pep. we still have this agenda btw

  51. pep.

    Probably things to update with the current situation

  52. pep.

    I haven't participarted in online conferences much lately. I'd like to gather feedback from people who have to see how it's generally done

  53. pep.

    daniel, maybe it's our chance to do something for XMPP without most of the organisational costs

  54. daniel


  55. pep.

    I can feel enthusiasm from here

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  57. pep.

    Tbh I was also a bit lost when the pandemy started. I didn't think I'd enjoy online stuff much so I was reluctant and did other things, but I've had positive feedback from various people (general feeling, no details)

  58. pep.

    So maybe it's just that I'm terrible at organising stuff :P

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  60. pep.


  61. pep.

    Guus, ?

  62. Guus


  63. pep.

    # Welcome

  64. daniel

    yeah I don’t know. those conferences and meetings were/are a lot about actually meeting people for me

  65. daniel

    but yes maybe I just need to come to terms with all that

  66. pep.

    Nyco isn't here. We got a lot of people following today (no pressure)

  67. pep.

    # Agenda

  68. pep.

    So there's the Summit topic, anything else?

  69. Guus

    Thanks for mentioning the no pressure part. 🙂

  70. Guus

    I actually got something

  71. Guus

    designer gave me new designs

  72. pep.

    cool, should we start with this?

  73. Guus

    did not share them yet, forgot about it.

  74. pep.

    heh, ok then

  75. Guus

    let's do something else, so that I can try and find htem 🙂

  76. pep.

    # Summit 2021

  77. pep.

    Guus, do you want to lead on this? Or is it mostly a brainstorming session to see what we could do?

  78. Guus

    I have no structured ideas or any kind of plan, to be honest

  79. dwd

    Do we want one big Summit event, or a series of much smaller ones?

  80. Guus

    Do we want a summit? If so, in what form?

  81. daniel

    I think we should do summit in a very similiar format

  82. daniel

    two days. leading up to fosdem

  83. daniel

    have lunch at the same time. stuff like that

  84. daniel

    have a big blue button or what ever

  85. pep.

    Do we have feedback from previous years btw?

  86. pep.

    On what could be done differently etc.

  87. Guus

    Setting expectations: this is definitely not going to be an in-person event, right?

  88. daniel

    Guus, no it is not

  89. pep.

    yeah for me in-person is off the table

  90. Guus

    with that, it's sufficiently different that feedback from last years might not be applicable?

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  92. daniel

    i actually don’t remember this years feedback round (did we have one) - only last years

  93. Guus

    If we're going to do an online event, it might be good to steal a format that has been successful? In example: did someone have experience organizing or participating in a format that they'd like?

  94. daniel

    I participated in conference style conferences

  95. daniel

    but not the round table thing that summit is

  96. pep.

    Not me, but I know a few people who have and I'm going to poke them. Also going to poke Mastodon probably and ask around

  97. daniel

    we will def. need good moderation

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  99. Guus

    daniel moderator person, or technology?

  100. pep.

    2 weeks ago in the DOTS meeting we were.. many, and moderation was just fine tbh

  101. daniel

    but other than that I can imagine that it can work relatively close to in person summits

  102. daniel

    Guus, person

  103. daniel

    but also technology I guess

  104. daniel

    (muteing people etc)

  105. JustLikeThat

    I have a proposal.

  106. pep.

    JustLikeThat, go ahread

  107. pep.

    JustLikeThat, go ahead

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  109. pep.

    daniel, I'd say we need to have somewhat clear and easy rules and somebody that can say this or that (not everybody at the same time), that is somewhat similar to our in-person meeting, and generally it's fine I feel

  110. JustLikeThat

    Just a sec ...

  111. daniel

    well our in person meeting also have good moderation

  112. daniel

    and if you didn’t notice I guess that's a sign of how good they are :-)

  113. Guus

    Unsure if the same moderator is willing to re-up, and/or do it in a different format. But we can ask.

  114. dwd

    We could use a replacement for the post-it notes. They felt like a success last time, and the only decent online tool for that is closed source.

  115. pep.

    So while JustLikeThat is preparing, I guess we'll have to think about multiple domains: organising people, and infrastructure. As jonas said last week, we should ask iteam rather quickly if we need something from them

  116. pep.

    dwd, there's a nice frama-tool for that

  117. pep.

    obviously baguettified but that can be translated before the deadline

  118. dwd

    pep., I'd welcome a pointer for that.

  119. daniel

    if we need tools I suggest we should use scam budget to just buy them

  120. daniel

    instead of trying to host something ourselves

  121. daniel

    just rent a BBB for a month

  122. pep.


  123. daniel

    (or whatever)

  124. Guus

    daniel I'd prefer that for all infra needed.

  125. dwd

    I can spin up AWS hosting if we need to self-host quickly. Either Pando will stub it up, or I can.

  126. pep.

    (I wouldn't)

  127. JustLikeThat

  128. JustLikeThat

  129. Guus

    Having conference infra setup by 'the professionals' is likely to introduce less issues than something that we try to do ourselves.

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  131. pep.

    Thanks for your input JustLikeThat

  132. pep.

    (For clients not displaying the ban, they've been banned because porn :))

  133. Guus

    can someone ban him in xsf too, please?

  134. Guus

    also, did me banning JustLikeThat also demote ralph and intosi? My client gives feedback that suggested that.

  135. daniel

    ok. back o topic

  136. daniel

    so we should evaluate tools?

  137. Guus

    I'm hoping for someone to be able to recommend tools from experience

  138. pep.

    Guus, I don't especially agree with what professionals do or don't do better. I also understand that iteam has much on their plate but I assume that if jonas said something in this regard he might consider helping(?)

  139. pep.

    I'd go with BBB I think, or Jitsi-meet, whichever.

  140. moparisthebest

    second vote for one of those

  141. daniel

    I’m gonna be in a BBB conf on Thursday. I can share my experience I guess

  142. daniel

    i generally like jitsi. but BBB probably performs better?

  143. daniel

    ¹ for that amount of people

  144. Guus

    I can't compare them, never used BBB

  145. pep.

    I guess it's similar performance-wise. We're not gonna be millions anyway

  146. moparisthebest

    I hear really good things about BBB, know some teachers that use it with classrooms full of kids and love it, haven't used it myself

  147. pep.

    Plus we don't need to look at everybody's face, worst case :P

  148. dwd

    Can I suggest we hold a couple of mini-events so we're not going into the Summit completely blind?

  149. pep.

    dwd, what do you have in mind

  150. Guus

    have a meeting or something would be a nice start

  151. Guus

    starting with babysteps

  152. Guus

    maybe do some kind of virtual meetup afterwards?

  153. dwd

    pep., I'm not sure. But a small 1-2 hour session would be a great way to test the tech, and if we have something useful to discuss that would be great.

  154. pep.

    Not sure what you're afraid about actually

  155. Guus

    I need to go in a bit. Can we wrap up, come up with some actions, and work towards closing the meeting please?

  156. moparisthebest

    council or board could do a meeting with it?

  157. pep.

    Progress we've made this far.. we don't seem to know what format to use, we don't know what tools to use even though it's likely to resolve around BBB/Jitsi-Meet, we agree it's gonna be online at least

  158. pep.

    I'd like to maybe have more regular meetings about this, say in 1-2 weeks again, after having gathered feedback.

  159. Guus


  160. pep.

    I'm personally not convinced we need a dry test first, I'm sure it's doable, but if people think it'd be good I'm not gonna oppose it.

  161. Guus

    Are we cancelling the annual dinner?

  162. Guus

    Do we want to try to arrange for some kind of alternative?

  163. pep.

    Do you want to eat in front of your screen?

  164. Guus

    (eg: home-delivered somethign something?)

  165. pep.

    With everybody on the other side

  166. moparisthebest

    seems like it'd be good to get a handful of people to test whatever beforehand anyway even if it's not an official dry run or whatever

  167. daniel

    > (eg: home-delivered somethign something?) That would be fun

  168. daniel

    I actually had the same idea

  169. pep.


  170. daniel

    But dunno how realtisc

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  172. Guus

    me neither

  173. Guus

    lets ponder

  174. pep.

    Well I don't know where I'll be at this point so.. :P

  175. daniel

    Probably pretty expensive and tough to organize

  176. moparisthebest

    everyone can BYOB though :)

  177. Guus

    let's reconvene next week

  178. pep.

    # Next

  179. pep.

    +1w ? 4pm still

  180. Guus

    Let me share the designs

  181. Guus

  182. Guus

  183. pep.

    I'm not sure I'll have connectivity next week but let's try it

  184. daniel

    we can have an event to discuss the summit

  185. daniel

    +1w wfm

  186. daniel

    that's a big diff to the previous one

  187. pep.

    Guus, do you want to talk about that quickly?

  188. Guus

    I haven't even looked at it myself

  189. daniel

    i kinda liked the earlier ones (too) and i don’t understand where the changes come from

  190. Guus

    that was from feedback that we had back then.

  191. Guus

    I need to dig up the details if you want to know exactly

  192. Guus

    but at some point - just pick one, and go with that/

  193. daniel

    ok fair enough

  194. daniel

    sorry i didn’t want to come of too complainy

  195. pep.

    What's our target btw for these leaflets

  196. Guus

    Have some.

  197. pep.

    For whom

  198. Guus

    be able to hand them out at conferences and meetups. Hah.

  199. dwd

    Oh, I assumed that was porn.

  200. Guus

    it kinda is? 😉

  201. pep.


  202. moparisthebest

    not enough XML to be porn

  203. dwd


  204. dwd


  205. pep.


  206. pep.

    Ok, let's end this

  207. pep.

    # Close

  208. pep.

    Thanks all

  209. Guus


  210. pep.

    minutes should follow

  211. pep.

    (I'll send them)

  212. Guus


  213. pep.

    Guus, can I link the pictures in the minutes? (They'll probably expire at some point but they'll likely be irrelevant anyway at that time)

  214. pep.

    (Unless you only keep that a week :x)

  215. Guus


  216. pep. hmm, this never got a reply btw

  217. pep.

    GSoC is over now though

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  219. vanitasvitae

    As a mentor I support this idea ;P

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