Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2020-10-13

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  49. pep.

    daniel: should we do something for rc3 btw?

  50. pep.

    are you Germans all going to be at your hackerspaces? :p

  51. daniel

    For what now?

  52. pep.

    remote c3

  53. daniel


  54. pep.

    I guess I can try to organise something online. I was thinking about it because there's a thread in the about freedom list

  55. pep.

    it's going to be about the same number of days as C3 right?

  56. pep.

    We won't have a physical place to do the live from like hackerspaces but I guess that's fine

  57. daniel

    i’m not sure if the hakerspace thing is meant to be pyhsical

  58. daniel

    or just around that group of people

  59. daniel

    because hackerspaces are too large for what is an allowed (or reasonable, for that matter) group of people

  60. daniel

    at best you can use that as a filming location or something

  61. daniel

    but i don’t think you can all gather and watch the live stream or what ever

  62. daniel

    but to answer your question. I don’t think we have enough material to 'entertain' whoever for 4 days in row

  63. daniel

    so if anything i'd suggest we limit this to a day or half a day. and maybe we can run some version of the "show and tell how may company is using xmpp or other fun stuff i'm doing with xmpp" conference

  64. daniel

    only that half the people in the xmpp community won’t like the timing

  65. pep.

    C3 isn't exactly about showing off commercial stuff

  66. pep.

    I'll reread the blog post later to see what they expect really

  67. pep.

    otherwise we can "just" do another sprint, it doesn't have to be everyone, it's doesn't even have to be 4 days for sure, or not all the time

  68. daniel

    > C3 isn't exactly about showing off commercial stuff it's not. but _if_ we want to fill an entire day with talks it will make it more diverse and frankly more interesting

  69. daniel

    but maybe that's just a reason to not do XMPPCon (working title) during rC3

  70. pep.

    > rC3 will be a variety of distributed small local events in hackspaces with a joint program of streamed talks, online workshops, art, culture and various forms of networked togetherness. they don't really say what to expect. apart from the joint program of talks

  71. pep.

    it would be fun to see an instance suddenly getting the audience of the big rooms at c3 :p

  72. pep.

    1, 2, 5, 10, 35, 70, 165, down

  73. pep.

    (# of people)

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  75. pep.

    we can do stuff like last year's Dino (stream it?), provide a bosh application as well as input

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