Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2022-01-08

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  11. emus MattJ: maybe lets discuss here
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  13. emus > Stefan escribió: > 24.05.22 I will do a talk about XMPP at a adult school ( German Volkshochschule). Cool!
  14. Stefan 😉 I guess it will be cancelled, but if somebody will provide the possibility, it won't happen anyway. But I do offer 2 more sessions about foss, maybe some more will be interested.
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  16. emus Stefan: for xmpp there are always the office hours if you want to talk virtually about a topic
  17. Stefan :s/somebody/nobody
  18. Stefan Maybe when I have my first releases of XMPP apps. I prefer talks in German, if the talks are no tech-talks. It's easier for non-tech people.
  19. emus Well, I think its fine to talk in German I think
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