Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2022-11-08

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  10. emus

    daniel, pep.: you both apply xsf for fosdem?

  11. pep.

    What do you mean

  12. daniel

    I'm not involved in setting up the XSF booth at fosdem. (in fact it's unlikely that I'm even going to fosdem)

  13. emus

    Then I must have missed something. but then maybe a general question. how did this work in the last years and what is needed to organise?

  14. pep.

    Yeah I also have never organized FOSDEM. It's not the conference I appreciate the most tbh. If I'm there I would participate though

  15. emus

    But it was common we have your summit parallel there?

  16. daniel

  17. daniel

    emus: do you have this email?

  18. daniel

    Follow up with them

  19. daniel

    And yes summit has traditionally been on the two days leading up to fosdem

  20. daniel

    Fosdem is always Saturday Sunday. Summit is Thursday and Friday

  21. daniel

    And Brussels during these days is full of FLOSS stuff. There are other organizations that have meetings/dinners and/or their own mini conferences around those days

  22. daniel

    Devroom = track where the organizers can schedule their own talks (have their own call for papers that's different from the two main tracks that fosdem has) Realtime lounge = the booth

  23. daniel

    (just for some context)

  24. emus

    alright, thanks daniel. forgot about the mail

  25. emus

    MattJ, ralphm: shall I if noone else does?

  26. ralphm

    Scrolling up

  27. daniel

    Very personal opinion: if you can organize only one thing I'd rather have a summit

  28. daniel

    But then again the overhead for the devroom and the lounge should be fairly low I guess

  29. ralphm

    So, actually I did respond to that email

  30. emus

    so nothing with fosdem?

  31. emus

    I dont care, but I want something where we meet

  32. ralphm

    I was a bit surprised that the other daniel had applied for a booth already

  33. emus

    ralphm: ah, must have missed again

  34. ralphm

    I really would like to do have a booth and a Summit again. I am planning myself on being there, but it would be good to get an idea of who would be willing to go.

  35. emus

    ralphm: As said recently. lets risk and go ahead and advertise

  36. ralphm

    And I was not sure if we'd do the Lounge theme again, although I don't have a better idea. People know it, so maybe we can just do that again.

  37. emus

    maybe advertise that we started planning at leased

  38. emus

    If I get a bit of guidance where to start, I can do ao

  39. ralphm

    I'm happy to apply on behalf of the XSF. We can also reach out to Cisco to see if we can host the Summit there again.

  40. emus

    ralphm: can I help you somehow?

  41. daniel

    ralphm: if you can reach out to Cisco that would be great. I'm not sure how their working from home policy currently looks like. Or if it's a good time to welcome strangers into their building

  42. daniel

    Not sure about Belgium but here in Germany a lot of my IT friends are still not really back in the office

  43. emus

    Still, its worth asking, right?

  44. daniel


  45. ralphm

    I don't know about Belgium either. In The Netherlands, there are no restrictions, and I don't remember anyone working from home because of policy recently.

  46. ralphm

    daniel: are you not planning on going because of restrictions or the sheer size of things?

  47. msavoritias

    I am up for any organizing if it happens too

  48. ralphm

    emus: yes, let's make a copy of a previous wiki page for the Summit, and rework it to apply to 2023. Then let's gather suggestions for the agenda there. Also, we need a Chair for the day. In previous years that's been Kev, stpeter, or maybe even me one year.

  49. daniel

    > daniel: are you not planning on going because of restrictions or the sheer size of things? I've never been a huge fan of fosdem. Too crowded too hot. In recently years I frequently only stayed for the Saturday or so. And covid doesn't improve that for me

  50. ralphm


  51. daniel

    But I'll strongly consider joining a summit

  52. daniel

    Or let's rephrase if the situation won't change to be significantly worse I'd go

  53. ralphm

    Thanks, that'd be awesome.

  54. ralphm

    Well, yeah, the future is always uncertain. I tend to just plan things knowing what we know now.

  55. emus

    daniel: but even I would like to see you there, too does this count for everyone? I mean if most want to go - then lets do it

  56. emus

    ralphm: I can do so

  57. daniel

    Yeah I'm not stopping anyone from going to fosdem.

  58. daniel

    In fact if there is a summit it will probably draw enough people to Brussels to crew the booth

  59. ralphm


  60. ralphm

    emus: the application for the booth asks for an overview of what's new since 2020, that will be added to the booth's description. Do we have something like this for XMPP?

  61. emus

    I will try to summarize, too from my perspective

  62. ralphm

    Doesn't have to be complete, just some highlights, if any

  63. ralphm

    (I am aware that the last two years have been hard)

  64. pep.

    fwiw, CCC cancelled because of previsions for another wave, and FOSDEM is 1 month right after. I'm not very optimistic but I guess we can start planning nonetheless

  65. pep.

    I'm also probably going to avoid FOSDEM if I go to Brussels this year, it's always very crowded (unlike CCC), and it gets crowded even more each year

  66. pep.

    (But officially it's still 5000 participants :p)

  67. daniel

    I'm not fully convinced that fosdem won't get canceled. But personally I'd be willing to go to a summit even if fosdem is not happening

  68. Link Mauve

    pep., 5000 people still, three years after covid?

  69. pep.

    Ah, I guess we'll see :P

  70. Link Mauve

    I highly doubt there’ll be more people than before.

  71. pep.

    You mean "covid 3 years in", right?

  72. daniel

    The conference room at Cisco isn't exactly know for its air quality either. So if anyone has covid I can guarantee that we all'll have it after the two days. But by that time I'll hopefully have my forth shot (+ one infection) so it'll probably be fine

  73. MattJ

    Count me in for a summit. If some people don't show up, fine? (all the better? :) )

  74. MattJ

    Meaning, it wouldn't hurt to have a smaller summit this year, if at least some people can attend and get stuff done

  75. MattJ

    The smaller sprint stuff happening pre-covid was going well in my opinion

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  77. emus

    ralphm I think is failed on the right allocation here. Maybe someone can check & fix?

  78. emus

    Good night folks!

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