Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2023-01-12

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  30. daniel

    So what's the back up plan wrt venue? Should I try to get a quote from the Thon EU hotel for one of their smaller rooms?

  31. daniel

    Or are we doing this more grass-roots trying to meet in a cafe or bar or something

  32. emus


  33. emus

    I was asking for that, but haven got a response

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  35. daniel

    Asking who?

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  37. daniel

    I imagine that any negotiations with the hotel will take a couple of days so if we want to get that going we shouldn't wait too much longer

  38. daniel

    Plus I think it will be really really expensive so board will have to decide on the finances

  39. daniel

    The Thon city center has rooms that are slightly smaller. So maybe an option to save some money

  40. daniel

    Plus the normal (sleeping) rooms are slightly cheaper in that one too so that might be applicable to the conference rooms too

  41. daniel

    And since none of the current participants are actually staying at the Thon EU I guess there is no reason to pick that particular hotel

  42. emus

    I am so new to all this, I could only offer guided support maybe ralphm should better do it but I follow Daniels think and it sounds reasonable

  43. MattJ

    daniel, if you're volunteering, I think getting a quote from Thon (and confirming current availability) for N..2N attendees seems like a sensible thing to do at this point

  44. MattJ

    I think a dedicated quiet meeting space (e.g. with whiteboard) would be preferable to a cafe/bar/etc.

  45. daniel

    > I think a dedicated quiet meeting space (e.g. with whiteboard) would be preferable to a cafe/bar/etc. Obviously. I'm just worried about the financial aspect of it. I'll reach out to the Thon City center(!) for a quote

  46. daniel

    Assuming that it's billed / blocked hourly does 10-18 sound reasonable?

  47. MattJ

    Yep, that sounds reasonable

  48. emus

    to me yes, but I am not a hacker working night shift

  49. daniel

    > to me yes, but I am not a hacker working night shift I am. In general I think it would be nice to have _the option_ for staying a bit longer writing some code. A place to come back to after dinner. *but* I'm worried it will just unnecessarily make it way more expensive

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  51. emus

    I see

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