Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2023-01-13

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  12. daniel

    Sent out the email yesterday. Let's hope they get back to me today 🤞

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  15. daniel

  16. daniel

    I didn't yet go through this but I'm just sharing what they send me in response

  17. daniel

    > In order to make you and offer, I will need to know how many persons you will be. > > If you are more than 15, I will propose to you our conference package, which the price is per person and you have included 3 coffee breaks, lunch and the meeting room itself. > > If you are less than 15, I will need to make the proposal with everything separate.

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  20. daniel

    I did get back to them asking them for just the room rental. Not sure if they do this. But those catering packages are 3-4k for the two days roughly

  21. daniel

    I mean we gotta eat _something_ and at Cisco we always had food

  22. daniel

    But idk if the XSF wants to spend that money

  23. daniel

    Tbh the prices with snacks are slightly more reasonable than I would have thought... But I have absolutely no idea on what money the XSF would be willing to spend

  24. daniel

    The obvious additional downside of going with the 'catering included' option is that we would fairly soon need a definitive number of people

  25. emus

    ralphm: I will ask peter to join

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  27. daniel

    Some sort of middle ground would be to have the (lunch) catering in the hotel replace to dinner and the cab ride to the restaurant. (if we are operating on a budget) Because imho having a nice place to hold the conference is more important than the dinner

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  29. daniel

    And dinner could then be something self organized self paid in the city center

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  31. daniel

    > - 1 meeting room "Harald" - in U-shape for 16 persons - the price is 950€ per day from 09:00 - 17:00 > > You have included: 1 flipchart, 1 screen, 1 LCD projector, Wifi, Pens and notepads and water.

  32. daniel

    They also listed individual prices for lunch coffee break etc which tbh sound reasonably priced considering that we will be paying 2k for the room anyway. So if we have the budget for a 2k room I might actually be inclined to buy us some coffee too

  33. daniel

    But no idea what the budget is so...

  34. MattJ

    Do we even pay for Cisco, or is it sponsored? I always assumed the latter

  35. daniel

    I wouldn't think we pay for that

  36. daniel

    That wouldn't make sense

  37. daniel

    We may or may not pay the lunch there

  38. daniel

    We probably do

  39. MattJ

    This is quite expensive, but probably the expected rate for what it is

  40. MattJ

    Yeah, we (or a sponsor) pays for lunch

  41. daniel

    > This is quite expensive, but probably the expected rate for what it is Yes to both

  42. daniel

    Honestly I could have imagined that being even worse...

  43. MattJ


  44. daniel

    We could look for some Co working space. But I don't think those will be considerably cheaper

  45. daniel

    Maybe a bit. But not an order of magniute

  46. daniel

    If hour budget is like 100 Euro I don't even start looking. If our budgets happens to be exactly 1800 I might

  47. daniel

    It's my understanding that the XSF has some saving but no or little new money coming in. I think the XSF should pay for this even if it eats into the saving. But this will give us a reason to go out looking for new money. Because previously if you donated to the XSF it was unclear what they do with this. And then we could say it's for hosting the summit

  48. MattJ

    Tangent: did anyone actually post a summit announcement to any of the mailing lists??

  49. MattJ

    I thought I saw someone say in xsf@ that multiple had been posted, but I don't see any in a quick search of my inbox

  50. MattJ

    I 100% agree about funding

  51. daniel

    [Members] FOSDEM 2023 & XMPP Summit 25

  52. daniel

    From 4 days ago

  53. MattJ

    I think we got "lazy" because sponsors ended up paying for stuff directly, so the XSF didn't have many Brussels-related expenses

  54. MattJ

    It will likely be significantly different this year

  55. MattJ

    Oh, of course

  56. MattJ

    All emails from emus go direct to my spam folder in Gmail (not my choice!)

  57. MattJ

    I tried to set up filters to stop it, but apparently they aren't working or didn't catch these ones

  58. MattJ

    But this could easily be happening to others using Gmail too

  59. MattJ

    I will post a follow-up from Gmail, which might get further visibility. I'll also put in wording to encourage even folks who are only "maybe" to indicate that on the wiki, and also that we may finalize a venue in the coming days and capacity may be limited to the number of people registered

  60. MattJ

    If that sounds reasonable, I'll do it now

  61. daniel

    To what end? Get a better understanding of room size? Not do it if not more people show up?

  62. daniel

    I think several people have indicated that they are waiting for an official announcement

  63. daniel

    I think we should get funding approved

  64. daniel

    And then send an official invite

  65. MattJ

    I'd like to get an idea of room size, yeah. We have 10 people on the wiki, and we usually get 30-40 on the day. I get that numbers are almost certainly going to be lower this year for various reasons, but I worry if > 6 people are still planning to attend or haven't seen the announcements or just need a nudge/deadline to add themselves to the wiki, we may end up not being able to fit people in

  66. MattJ

    6 feels like a narrow margin

  67. daniel

    OK. Go ahead. But I don't want this to block board making a decision

  68. daniel

    I don't think larger rooms will be significantly more expensive. So if we can get approval for like 3k or so we should probably be good

  69. daniel

    The room also has different seating configurations that would fit more people

  70. daniel

    Worst case

  71. MattJ

    I don't think we can make a decision before ralphm informs us about the state of Cisco

  72. MattJ

    so I'd rather get ahead of any potential bad news (as we are, having this discussion)

  73. MattJ

    But we need to know confidently if a smaller venue will be acceptable, especially if it affects costs significantly

  74. MattJ

    So I'd rather go into next week knowing we have close to everyone who plans to attend, accounted for

  75. MattJ

    Right now my confidence that there aren't 6 lurkers who just haven't made arrangements yet is low. Adding our names to wiki pages at the last minute is what we do around here :)

  76. MattJ

    I note that the message also only went to members@. The announcement for last year's summit went to many more lists.

  77. MattJ

    But maybe if we're short on space and paying for the venue, we want to keep the advertisement to members??

  78. daniel

    Without know how much we are willing to spend I can't say anything in this regard.

  79. daniel

    Usually more people are nice

  80. daniel

    But I'm also absolutely willing to have a more intimate summit with just those 7 people on the wiki

  81. MattJ

    *10 now

  82. MattJ

    Okay, I'm inclined to repeat the announcement to members@ until we know what we're doing about the venue

  83. daniel

    There also have been social media announcements I think. So anyone who wanted to see it could have seen it

  84. daniel

    People are either lazy or simply don't want to go

  85. MattJ

    I suspect the overlap between standards@ (a summit's primary audience) and our Twitter/Mastodon followers is small

  86. MattJ


  87. daniel


  88. daniel

    sorry i wrote all that from my mobile; now i'm back home and can better look at the details. so the quoted price is for the roon 'Harald' which is 50sqm and seats 22 in U shape; 24 in board room and (worst case) 30 in class room. see:

  89. daniel

    i think the 16 in the email comes from because i requested 16. so the emails says it fits what ever number of people you said. but it can fit more

  90. MattJ

    Oh well, that's fine then

  91. emus

    > daniel: > 2023-01-13 01:29 (GMT+01:00) > But this will give us a reason to go out looking for new money. I was recommending that already

  92. emus

    > MattJ: > 2023-01-13 01:32 (GMT+01:00) > All emails from emus go direct to my spam folder in Gmail (not my choice!) fun

  93. emus

    > daniel: > 2023-01-13 01:54 (GMT+01:00) > There also have been social media announcements I think. So anyone who wanted to see it could have seen it > People are either lazy or simply don't want to go yes

  94. emus

    daniel: thanks for the research

  95. emus

    I followed up in this chat. any action on my side I missed / can I do something

  96. daniel

    The one remaining question is: After what date do we consider Cisco not happening and how many days after that is there going to be a board meeting to confirm funds for the alternate venue

  97. emus

    Mo - Wed next week IMO

  98. emus

    Im in for a meet almost any time

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