Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2023-01-16

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  13. Syndace

    Oh okay thanks, I'll look for something then ASAP

  14. Syndace

    Well I had a quick look at Thon's page a few days ago and it didn't look that rediculously overpriced, and I have a yearly travel budget in my job now that has barely been touched in the last two years due to covid

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  17. daniel

    Has anyone heard from ralphm wrt Cisco?

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  25. pep.

    I think they've been poked enough on this room :P

  26. MattJ

    I'll send an email

  27. MattJ


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  29. ralphm

    Hello everyone. I've been AWAL because of reasons, but fortunately got a ping by MattJ.

  30. ralphm

    I've had contact with Cisco, but I don't think this is a viable option. My contact is not present at the time, they've tightened up security during the last few years, and I don't really know anyone else there anymore.

  31. MattJ

    Okay, that's fine

  32. MattJ

    Daniel got a quote from Thon for ~1k EUR/day, so 2k EUR total. If we're okay spending that, we can move ahead.

  33. MattJ

    We will obviously want to ramp up seeking sponsors this year

  34. MattJ

    We could look for somewhere else, especially because I don't actually know if many people are staying at Thon, but being so close to the summit date I think we should prioritize booking something unless we have immediate alternatives

  35. daniel

    > We could look for somewhere else, especially because I don't actually know if many people are staying at Thon Note that the offer I have is from the different Thon anyway

  36. MattJ

    Oh, ha

  37. ralphm

    Indeed. I noticed that a number of people already have lodging in the city center. Maybe we could get a quote from e.g. Ibis Brussels City Center or somesuch.

  38. ralphm

    Which Thon is it?

  39. daniel

    Because at the time nobody was in the other thon and I thought it might be cheaper

  40. daniel

    The city center

  41. daniel

    Obviously I don't know if it actually is cheaper... But that's what I went with

  42. daniel

    Room Harald if you want to check their website

  43. ralphm

    Sure. The Ibis has a room "Europe" with a maximum capacity of 32 (classroom setup, but 22 in board room setup), for example.

  44. daniel

    Do they have prices on the website?

  45. ralphm

    No, I'll give them a call

  46. ralphm

    Especially because I see they have a ceiling height of 3m instead of the 2.5 in yours.

  47. ralphm

    2.45 actually

  48. ralphm

    I've called them. The room is available, but I need to send them a mail for a quote.

  49. ralphm

    doing that right now

  50. ralphm


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