Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2023-01-17

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  19. ralphm

    I've got the following quote, based on the number of attendees: Seminar package at 75 EUR per person per day (minimum 15 persons) This package includes: - room rental of the plenary meeting room - permanent coffee, tea, juice, ... - hot & cold buffet lunch, incl 2 glasses of soft drink, water and coffee/tea: - salad bar - 2 hot dishes - dessert and fruit

  20. ralphm

    So this is not just the room, but includes coffee and lunch.

  21. ralphm

    daniel: was your quote including anything like that?

  22. ralphm

    (the total for 16 people as in your quote would be €2400)

  23. daniel

    the offer I have for 950/day is the room. just the room. but no matter how many people. so we can easily go up to 22 and more

  24. daniel

    I didn’t know if we wanted any catering (I thought maybe no) and specifically asked for the room rent

  25. emus

    (I dont need to be there 100% of the time if it should get too crowded)

  26. daniel

    but I do have offers for 'conference packages' that are charged per person too

  27. daniel

    those were more than 75 though.

  28. daniel

    if we want catering the ibis one seems cheaper

  29. daniel

    but this obviosuly also means we need to lock in the number of people

  30. MattJ

    I think it's safe to assume we'll get no more than are currently on the wiki, but as some are "maybe" we may get fewer

  31. daniel

    probably relatively safe. We could send out another email like "please rsvp until $deadline" just to be sure

  32. MattJ

    My last email basically said that

  33. daniel


  34. MattJ

    "By the end of today" (a few days ago)

  35. daniel

    oh ok. missed the by the end of the day I guess

  36. MattJ

    Probably others did too then, but at least we can point to it :)

  37. daniel

    so if we assume 16 people it's either 1900 or 2400 with food

  38. emus

    Im pro to have service. hasnt be a long time and it should be welcoming. the 500 eur we should rather get back on track with sponsors

  39. emus

    Im pro to have service. has been a long time and it should be welcoming. the 500 eur we should rather get back on track with sponsors

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  42. ralphm

    Right, I asked for the catering as an option, but they just came back with this package deal. My assumption was that having catering was nice, but if instead we want to head into the city, we need to arrange for that separately, of course.

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  50. MattJ

    FYI: one more for the summit added to the wiki this evening

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