Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2023-01-23

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  13. daniel

    but it might not be easy...

  14. emus

    I meant, if folks want it, they can arrange via jitsi?

  15. MattJ

    But we don't have a "room" camera/microphone, Jitsi will just be on the laptop of whoever loads it

  16. pep.

    Maybe conference phones that can join a jitsi room?

  17. MattJ

    I attended an IETF meeting where this happened, and it was barely better than not being there at all

  18. pep.

    fwiw I feel when there's a mix of remote and local it's often gonna feel awkward for remote users. People in the room often forget and as a remote user it's hard to follow

  19. MattJ


  20. daniel

    I was considering bringing my mirror less + shotgun mic + tripod setup that I sometimes use for video calls. that would probably be slightly better than a webcam

  21. MattJ

    But it can be better than not being there at all

  22. daniel

    but in a conference setup that would be entirely untested

  23. pep.

    daniel, you sound like you're from the future

  24. MattJ

    Yeah, I have an 360° USB mic I could contribute to a setup (+ camera + tripod + HDMI capture), but the less I have to bring the better

  25. daniel

    has board greenlit the funds?

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  28. emus


  29. emus

    My recommendation is: create topics & connected mucs. so if someone has points in the muc or so, you can at least have a session an talk. just suggest to join

  30. MattJ

    emus, there is a summit MUC that we use

  31. MattJ

    People usually relay stuff to/from there with the room, and I don't think that will be any different this year (of course it's a lot less useful unless remote attendees at least have a way to listen to the room)

  32. emus

    MattJ: So you want me to advertise this muc?

  33. daniel

    emus: it's already linked from the wiki page

  34. emus

    Im getting confused, we are talking about a different muc than this? I don't see it in this link

  35. daniel

  36. daniel

    scam is organizing the event. Summit is participating in the event

  37. daniel

    Not just remote participation by the way. Traditionally it has also been used to coordinate around the event "I'm taking the train at 11:13" "who wants to meet for drinks"

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  40. emus

    why are we so bad at advertising...

  41. MattJ

    What are we bad at advertising?

  42. emus

    I havent seen this chat yet 😅

  43. emus

    But maybe the problem is me :)

  44. MattJ

    It's used for a few days each year, I don't think that's a big problem

  45. emus

    Yeah, but we should use it in advance already

  46. MattJ

    For what?

  47. emus

    Advertising and getting participants attention and "collecting" them at one spot however, I thought it was here

  48. daniel

    Scam is the team that organizes the event

  49. daniel


  50. daniel

    I’m not trying to gate keep summit too much but I think in it's current form it's very much a conference for the people who write (and to some degree for the people who implement) the spec. Letting the wider public (end users) know that the summit is happening is important because it signals that we are an active community. but we don’t need them to actively participate in the event (or join any MUCs)

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  55. emus

    I understood, but didnt know there is a chat for the venue directly

  56. daniel

    The wiki page is a bit cluttered. Once we have a venue I intent to clean the page up a little bit

  57. emus

    Ok, für next years planning Id call for starting in november 2023 please

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  61. emus

    Before I sign-up for the Google Summer of Code Meet Saturday night - don't we want to go and hang out together somewhere? 😃️ I think that could be very nice, too.

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  64. ralphm

    emus: I've sent in a reservation for Ibis. Waiting on a confirmation.

  65. emus


  66. emus

    If anyone cannot participate but wants to place flyer, please reach out to MattJ

  67. ralphm

    I also need to have contact with Auberge still, but they are closed until Thursday.

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