Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2023-01-26

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  24. emus

    > Hi dear standholders, > I sent a message to Alasdair a few weeks back but worried he might have > missed the email. Sending it here as well. > Unfortunately, our team cannot participate in FOSDEM this year -- none of > my team members can come to Brussels in person. So our stand, Fluence, will > be empty. If there is a chance to forward it to some great project, please > let me know, we'd be happy if the space won't be wasted, and hopefully, we > can make it next year! > BR, > Anna Shall we call for interest?

  25. emus

    CC: ralphm

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  27. ralphm

    I don't think FOSDEM allows bartering stand space this way.

  28. ralphm

    If it is empty and next to us, then we just have more room.

  29. ralphm

    I'm arranging dinner, but need to call back. As soon as I have details I will send out an invite to register and provide menu preferences.

  30. ralphm

    I do have a sponsor for dinner already.

  31. ralphm

    By the way, I looked at the FOSDEM stand overview, and it appears that we are in a different location than before: ground floor, at the large glass wall on the short side of the building.

  32. ralphm

  33. MattJ

    Yes, this was discussed earlier and also mentioned in the blog post

  34. MattJ

    It may make things a bit interesting for the "lounge" aspect

  35. ralphm

    We'll have to see how that works out in practice. Unless you are saying that I should not bring all the stuff.

  36. MattJ

    I wasn't quite saying that, but you're probably right that it's worth considering that question

  37. MattJ

    IIRC those stands are usually quite close together, and it gets pretty crowded in that area (being close to the main doors)

  38. ralphm

    I think this is a reasonable shot at the location:

  39. MattJ

    I highly doubt we can put beanbags/etc. in front of the table, as it would obstruct the flow

  40. MattJ

    Yeah, that's how I remember it

  41. ralphm

    If the stands are sequential we would be probably be somewhere between the two white supports

  42. MattJ

    Except I expected there would be at least gaps between the tables to get in/out

  43. MattJ

    and there is limited room behind the table

  44. MattJ

    So yeah, I don't think the traditional setup will work at all

  45. ralphm

    Right. Including the ability to beam something on a wall.

  46. MattJ


  47. ralphm

    I can try to send a message to stands@ team if they considered this, because otherwise I'll cancel the van and just arrange for a car.

  48. MattJ

    FWIW I (and I think others) are not necessarily against changing the format/location

  49. ralphm


  50. MattJ

    I think we can probably get a bit more visibility in a new location. Even if not more people, at least different people.

  51. MattJ

    We might also want to put a poster in the old location for people looking for us :)

  52. ralphm


  53. ralphm

    I have done nothing in terms of posters, swag or anything this year. Posters are still an attainable goal.

  54. ralphm

    However we do have our pull-up banner, table cloths and XMPP flag.

  55. MattJ

    Yeah, it's good we've got those

  56. emus

    I will print qr codes for our channels

  57. MattJ

    It looks like people do stick things to the glass behind the stands

  58. MattJ


  59. emus

    Lets try the new location. next years planning we can do better

  60. ralphm

    Still sending the e-mail. Let's see what they come back with, but it looks like there's not enough Realtime Estate.

  61. ralphm

    Cc'd emus and MattJ

  62. emus


  63. emus

    > ralphm: > 2023-01-26 04:39 (GMT+01:00) > Still sending the e-mail. Let's see what they come back with, but it looks like there's not enough Realtime Estate. haha

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  65. ralphm

    Diner location and time set. Arranging the details.

  66. ralphm


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  68. ralphm


  69. emus


  70. MattJ

    Okay, this is the latest revision of the "newsletter" I plan to get printed:

  71. MattJ

    It incorporates feedback from here about the earlier versions, and some tweaks from a graphic designer friend of pep.'s

  72. MattJ

    and I was planning to do some of these too:

  73. MattJ

    As well as these, I have that client comparison matrix (I will just print one of those for the stand), some posters from Movim, and some informational materials from (German and English)

  74. MattJ

    I will also set up a Snikket instance for demo purposes, similar to 2020, and the same QR/NFC setup. Any other demos would be good.

  75. ralphm

    And just like that, we got (all) of our familiar corner

  76. MattJ

    But it sounds like maybe with less of a squeeze than recent years?

  77. ralphm

    Hence 'all'. Curious if they'll also move Matrix, but maybe not. Not suggesting it to them.

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  83. moparisthebest

    MattJ: newsletter looks great! one super minor note, says QUIC is a replacement for TCP but it really replaces TCP+TLS, but I never know the right way to word that :)

  84. moparisthebest

    It's really fine as is though

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  86. emus

    sounds promising, right?

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