Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2024-03-29

  1. MattJ

    gnemmi, hey

  2. gnemmi

    Hello MattJ !

  3. gnemmi

    Thank you for the invite!

  4. gnemmi

    Ok .. so .. the reason why I wanted to get in touch with you guys.

  5. gnemmi

    My name is Gonzalo and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  6. gnemmi

    Every year, on the 4th Sunday of April (27/04) we have a FOSS event that covers all of Latin America

  7. gnemmi

    Its called "Flisol" ( Latin American Festival of Software Libre Installation )

  8. gnemmi

    The event lasts for the whole day and it's main objective is to let people come over with their computers and get FOSS installed for free on their hardware by a team of people dedicated to that purpose.

  9. gnemmi

    At the same time, we have talks, workshops, conferences, meetups and the like.

  10. gnemmi

    To make it short: it's the biggest a FOSS install fest and get together day in Latin America.

  11. gnemmi

    And so, this year, I've been called and asked if I wanted to give a Talk .. and I said "Yes, of course!". And then got asked what my talk would be about .. and I said "XMPP". 😊️

  12. gnemmi

    As of now I'm working on the talk and a the presentation slides to go along with it.

  13. emus

    Hola gnemmi puedo ayudar 🙂

  14. gnemmi

    Would this be the right MUC to ask for help and advice on this matter?

  15. gnemmi

    Hola Eduardo !!! 🤗️🤗️🤗️

  16. gnemmi

    I've already been digging on and found a few things I can use, although some of it seems to be a bit dated but still useful

  17. gnemmi

    ( BTW: this link is broken )

  18. gnemmi

    Also, just in case you want to take a look at the website of the event, here's the Latin American one:

  19. gnemmi

    And this is the one for Argentina in particular:

  20. emus

    gnemmi: If you want you can write an english and spanish blog post and we prepare a toot

  21. gnemmi

    that would be really nice!. So far I've been working on the summary ( which I had to send to the Flisol as a proposal ) and now I'm working on shaping up the main concepts and ideas that I want the audience to understand .. while working on the slides as a visual aid ..

  22. gnemmi

    The more I work on it the more I tend to move the concepts of "open protocol, extensible, descentralization and data protection" as the core of the talk.

  23. gnemmi

    Let me see if I can do a quick translation of the summary I sent

  24. MattJ

    Hmm, it would be good to have a 'talks' section on

  25. MattJ

    With links to recordings of FOSDEM XMPP talks, etc.

  26. MattJ

    But this is back to commteam stuff :)

  27. gnemmi

    hackish as all hell translation:

  28. gnemmi

    It should be noted that this particular talk will be targeted at begginers and people that has no idea what XMPP is

  29. gnemmi


  30. gnemmi

    Oh .. and certainly .. do you by any chance have any XMPP developer, representative or referral I can get in touch with in Argentina?

  31. gnemmi

    And, of course, if you think that my summary sucks, or would like me to mention ( or not to mention ) something in particular ( or in general ), *please* let me know

  32. gnemmi

    I still have plenty of time and since I got the call ( 2 days ago ) I've been brainstorming with myself .. 🫠️

  33. moparisthebest

    gnemmi: the owner and many members of this MUC live in Argentina:

  34. emus

    > Hmm, it would be good to have a 'talks' section on We can create a event based subpage and put it under announcment I would say

  35. gnemmi

    moparisthebest, Oh, yes. I know some of them from other events and meetups. Thank you a lot for reminding me that!.

  36. emus

    > With links to recordings of FOSDEM XMPP talks, etc. Ok, will.consider

  37. gnemmi

    But I was referring to someone with an actual compromise ( rol, maybe? ), or affiliatioin with XMPP

  38. emus

    gnemmi: maybe ask in relevant chats

  39. gnemmi

    emus, will do! 😊️