XMPP Summit - 2011-02-05

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  2. stpeter


  3. MattJ

    Beat you ;)

  4. MattJ

    I see Swift doesn't support MUC admin yet

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  6. stpeter set the topic to

    XMPP Summit

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  10. stpeter

    yay for xmpp.org :)

  11. linuxwolf


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  13. Fritzy

    which server is xmpp.org? Tigase? Prosody?

  14. Fritzy

    Prosody, isn't it?

  15. admin@im.flosoft.biz


  16. stpeter

    sigh, mysqld still hogging memory on athena

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  18. Fritzy

    don't talk about my wife that way

  19. bear


  20. admin@im.flosoft.biz


  21. stpeter

    athena.jabber.org, sorry

  22. linuxwolf

    "yo mama..."

  23. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    Let's advertise this room at the end of the talk

  24. Fritzy

    hm, k

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  27. stpeter

    bear: what time is it for you?!?

  28. bear


  29. stpeter


  30. stpeter

    not insane

  31. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    Why are you already awake?

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  33. Fritzy

    he's been awake since like 3am

  34. bear

    well, I pulled a couple all night coding sessions earlier in the week

  35. bear

    so I was already on a funny schedule

  36. bear

    learning how to hook Solr to my project

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  38. Fritzy

    Matt can see all of our JIDS!

  39. MattJ

    There isn't anyone here who isn't already in my roster ;)

  40. Fritzy

    You mean that you and Artur talk? Don't you hate eachother because you have competing products?!

  41. MattJ

    I said on my roster, not that we talk ;)

  42. Fritzy


  43. MattJ

    Artur is always DND :)

  44. Fritzy

    yeah, you just have to interrupt him on occasion, right Artur?

  45. Fritzy

    you're just supposed to feel bad about it.

  46. MattJ


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  48. Artur Hefczyc


  49. Artur Hefczyc

    I am indeed DND, because if I set I am busy, people don't care, DND somehow works better ;-)

  50. Artur Hefczyc

    Fritzy: by the way, I don't hate MattJ :-)

  51. Fritzy

    I know. I'm just giving you guys crap. :D

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  53. Artur Hefczyc


  54. Artur Hefczyc

    back to coding… ;-)

  55. stpeter


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  62. stpeter

    go Sleek!

  63. Fritzy


  64. Fritzy

    embarrassing. :)

  65. Fritzy

    servers are a lot more work, but developers don't have to care about them as much.

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  67. stpeter

    what's embarrassing?

  68. stpeter looks at http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0009.html for the first time in years

  69. Fritzy


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  71. bear

    make sure to remind speakers to put their slides someplace that can be linked to

  72. stpeter

    bear: thanks, will do

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  74. stpeter

    was this guy for real about his nasty non-disclosure agreement, or is he just coding up an echo bot here? :)

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  76. Fritzy

    I just merged his pull-request to the develop branch of SleekXMPP.

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  78. Fritzy

    corning me publicly in a talk is a good way to get that done.

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  80. linuxwolf

    I would have put something together *before* showing up...

  81. Fritzy

    yeah, it took a little more time because of that, but not too bad

  82. Fritzy

    and it did work the first time, which is a miracle. :)

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  84. Fritzy

    louiz’: where'd you go?

  85. linuxwolf

    that was amazing…I would have been doing a number of edits as illiterate as I am

  86. louiz’

    Fritzy, I took some food :p

  87. Fritzy

    you missed a good talk about Sleek. ;)

  88. Fritzy

    or wait, it was about RPC

  89. linuxwolf

    via Sleek

  90. linuxwolf

    so you can take *some* credit

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  93. linuxwolf

    this is hilarious

  94. stpeter

    the question is: will Edwin get his wallet back at the end?

  95. linuxwolf

    maybe we should start taking bets...

  96. Fritzy

    he'll get it back, but without any money left in it

  97. Artur Hefczyc

    I have my passport too, maybe I can walk around and collect some wallets too...

  98. stpeter


  99. linuxwolf


  100. Fritzy

    it could work.

  101. bmalkow


  102. bmalkow

    you don't get my wallet

  103. Fritzy

    he'd doing pretty good considering last night

  104. Fritzy


  105. stpeter


  106. Fritzy


  107. linuxwolf

    that's awesome

  108. linuxwolf takes notes for his next presentation

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  111. stpeter

    linuxwolf: :)

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  113. Florian

    no one else interested in a SIM card?

  114. linuxwolf

    I wish I had unlocked my phone before arriving

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  116. hildjj

    can you not do it from a non-home network?

  117. bmalkow

    florian: I want one

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  119. linuxwolf

    I could probably get the unlock process started from here, but it takes them 1-2 business days send the appropriate SMSes

  120. Florian

    linuxwolf: pity :)

  121. linuxwolf

    /shrug … live and learn (-:

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  129. Florian

    we should flip the sign back to open

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  140. louiz’

    Fritzy, what is the last (huge) commit you just did, on develop?

  141. louiz’

    Is that what the conf I missed was about? (when I was gone to eat)

  142. Fritzy

    that was merging in RPC

  143. louiz’


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  152. MattJ

    Are there any plans for meeting up tonight yet?

  153. Florian


  154. Florian

    I think he's expecting us tonight anyway :p

  155. MattJ

    As long as we have a Prosody table, sure

  156. Fritzy


  157. Florian


  158. Fritzy

    a Prosody table?

  159. Florian

    but the Tigase table can scale

  160. Florian

    it'll be able to handle a lot more food :D

  161. MattJ

    Fritzy: want to organise a meeting of the Prosody folk that are here, we may as well piggy-back on any existing XMPP meetup happening

  162. Fritzy


  163. Florian

    I think the chinese place is a nice idea

  164. louiz’

    I like it

  165. louiz’

    (if place = restaurant)

  166. linuxwolf


  167. louiz’

    seems like the mozilla guys have a laser tag game organized after their restaurant :o

  168. louiz’

    (just an idea ;D)

  169. Florian


  170. Florian

    we could do that :)

  171. Fritzy

    Has Google caught up on the modern Jingle XEPs?

  172. Florian

    they're getting quite close

  173. Florian


  174. Fritzy

    I noticed they updated libjingle.

  175. Fritzy

    I'm the clap starter.

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  177. stpeter

    has Simon arrived? I stepped away for a few minutes

  178. stpeter

    there he is :)

  179. Fritzy


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  184. Florian Jensen

    should I check if we can get some LaserTag reservation after dinner tonight?

  185. Fritzy


  186. linuxwolf


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  188. louiz’

    or something else?

  189. MattJ


  190. Florian Jensen

    but every coder needs a dinner break :)

  191. MattJ

    *every* coder?

  192. Artur Hefczyc

    I have just committed some code

  193. Artur Hefczyc

    cool performance improvement :-)

  194. MattJ

    Artur Hefczyc: Added more threads? :)

  195. Artur Hefczyc


  196. Artur Hefczyc

    enough threads

  197. Artur Hefczyc

    no more

  198. MattJ

    Good idea

  199. MattJ

    <-- developer of a server that uses *1* thread, and shall for the forseeable future :)

  200. Florian Jensen


  201. MattJ

    Well, one primary thread

  202. MattJ

    there's blocking stuff we'll use threads for

  203. MattJ

    but I don't think threads are the best way to scale

  204. Artur Hefczyc

    agree, threads are not to scale, threads are to use multiple cpus

  205. MattJ


  206. MattJ

    Considered multiple processes?

  207. MattJ


  208. Artur Hefczyc

    i don't know jabberd style, but Tigase can be deployed as multiple processes, I mean you can "externalize" Tigase's components to external processes/machines

  209. Artur Hefczyc

    I guess this is different from what you are talking about

  210. MattJ

    I get the feeling Tigase is very like jabberd's architecture, but built into a single process

  211. MattJ

    jabberd had components for everything

  212. MattJ

    a c2s component, s2s component, sessionmanager, router (which would route between them)

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  214. MattJ

    Scaling is by having multiple c2s or s2s components to handle connections, jabberd2 added support for multiple sessionmanagers

  215. Artur Hefczyc

    hm, interesting, I didn't know that, but yes, Tigase is exactly like this, everything is component

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  217. Artur Hefczyc

    you can do this in the Tigase as well, but it is not used for scaling, scaling is done through clustering

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  219. stpeter

    hi Wayne, you found us :)

  220. Wayne Franklin


  221. Wayne Franklin

    Matt helped me

  222. linuxwolf

    coming to the table (-:

  223. stpeter

    linuxwolf: literally!

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  226. MattJ

    I love multi-session nicks :)

  227. MattJ

    Anyway, I have Psi here now, can do some room config...

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  255. Florian Jensen

    hey guys

  256. Florian Jensen

    for dinner plans, meet up at Le Meridien reception at 8:30

  257. bmalkow


  258. Florian Jensen

    I should make it … depending on traffic I might be 5 − 10 mins late

  259. Florian Jensen

    cya in a bit

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  262. louiz’

    Yay, finally found a hotel \o/

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