XMPP Summit - 2012-10-26

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  3. dwd m&m, Move your laptop about, then?
  4. dwd m&m, Give us the guided tour. :-)
  5. m&m when you're almost done
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  8. dwd See? We're almost done.
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  11. winfried (brb)
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  13. Lance 6120 4.8.5: An implementation MUST NOT generate namespace prefixes for elements qualified by the content namespace
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  18. winfried the hangout kicked me, think it is trying to tell me I have to go...
  19. ralphm GO TO SLEEP!
  20. winfried why? :-)
  21. stpeter day one is over
  22. winfried yeah...
  23. winfried stpeter, got my direct message?
  24. stpeter winfried: yes!
  25. winfried k
  26. winfried thanks for the discussions, helped quite a lot!
  27. stpeter great!
  28. stpeter we'll get volunteers for all the tasks :)
  29. winfried well that helps even more!
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  31. winfried ;-)
  32. winfried I'll drop other topics in the standards/BOSH lists
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  34. winfried and now I will keep myself to the wise advise of ralphm ...
  35. winfried have a nice dinner!
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  38. MattJ 'night winfried!
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  136. bear pirate pad notes from yesterday: http://piratepad.net/05gvwTiPKT
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  139. stpeter we're waiting for some f2f participants to come upstairs from breakfast
  140. Zash And here I just had dinner ^^
  141. stpeter :)
  142. stpeter brb
  143. Steffen Larsen me too
  144. stpeter we're UTC-7 here
  145. stpeter brb
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  150. m&m could someone pretty please update the subject with the hangout URL?
  151. Steffen Larsen I am awake! :-)
  152. Steffen Larsen bear: I see you..
  153. MattJ .
  154. bear :)
  155. stpeter https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/53cd1a2959b01158c4d766ed26088ff9b50639d6?authuser=0&hl=en-US
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  157. Fritzy http://play.brokt.com/~fritzy/lander/ <----- boom!
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  159. MattJ set the topic to http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_12 | remote participation: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/53cd1a2959b01158c4d766ed26088ff9b50639d6?authuser=0&hl=en-US
  160. MattJ Topic updated
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  164. Steffen Larsen start in 15min or?
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  167. bear http://blogs.cisco.com/news/the-internet-of-things-infographic/
  168. bear http://www.internet-of-things.eu/
  169. Zash Neat
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  175. Steffen Larsen ha ha.. just remembered the blog from Thiago: http://xmppjingle.blogspot.dk/2009/07/my-fridge-xmpp-client.html
  176. Steffen Larsen my fridge is XMPP ready. :-)
  177. bear :)
  178. Zash <iq to="fridge" type="get"><temperature of="milk"/></iq> :D
  179. Steffen Larsen :-)
  180. Zash A company here that moves milk and groceries apparently does real-time monitoring of the temperature in their trucks, along with info about fuel consumption and stuff.
  181. m&m <iq type='set' to='fridge'><pubsub xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub'><subscribe node='temprature/milk' jid='me@home'/></pubsub></iq>
  182. dwd m&m, Already made the gag that XEP-0060 probably had a feature.
  183. m&m d-:
  184. Steffen Larsen remote controlling (xep-0146) could be useful as well in IOT
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  191. Steffen Larsen looks like its lunch break time..
  192. Ben Langfeld not lunch, just a short break
  193. Ben Langfeld We'll be going again in 5 probably
  194. Steffen Larsen ok
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  200. Lloyd Turns out I didn't disable muc on my xmpp server after all
  201. bear copy of what peter is adding to the in-room whiteboard: http://piratepad.net/05gvwTiPKT
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  205. Simon Tennant https://buddycloud.org/wiki/Buddycloud_HTTP_API#Content_Types <https://buddycloud.org/wiki/Buddycloud_HTTP_API>
  206. Simon Tennant https://github.com/buddycloud/buddycloud-http-api
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  221. Simon Tennant are there any Tigase guys there today?
  222. Lance i dont think so
  223. Lance but it has been mentioned a lot regarding how it clusters
  224. dwd No, none.
  225. Ben Langfeld no P1 guys either
  226. Simon Tennant I'm looking forward to Fosdem and meeting up on either side of the conf.
  227. Simon Tennant Can someone fix ipv6 connectivity on xmpp.org or give me sudo.
  228. Tobias Simon Tennant, you've ipv6 enabled buddycloud.com, right?
  229. Simon Tennant like it's 1999.
  230. Tobias because since i've ipv6 enabled my server i can't join seehaus anymore
  231. Simon Tennant buddycloud.org
  232. Simon Tennant buddycloud.com is an old ejabberd instance and due for retirement
  233. Tobias an..ok
  234. Tobias *ahh
  235. Steffen Larsen Simon Tennant: need some info about tigase?.. I've been doing alot on these servers. including clustering.
  236. Simon Tennant Thanks Steffen - we have the buddycloud hosting platform written for Tigase already - dynamically adding domains from our control panel.
  237. Steffen Larsen Simon Tennant: ok. cool. so any problems? or just curious about something? I've been doing developing on tigase as well..
  238. Simon Tennant Actually going back to Tobias' question… what's the ipv6 support like on Tigase?
  239. Steffen Larsen Simon Tennant: as I remember its enabled pr. default.
  240. Steffen Larsen Soimon Tennant: looking at the issue list I can see its not fully supported yet: https://projects.tigase.org/issues/822
  241. Steffen Larsen Simon Tennant: so from 5.2 version it should fully be supported. Haven't used ipv6 my self, so sorry for the lame answer.
  242. Simon Tennant Steffen Larsen: thanks for the heads up.
  243. Steffen Larsen Simon Tennant: no prob.
  244. Simon Tennant Regarding mobile: the big issue now is to not run a connection and then to wake one up with a push notification.
  245. Simon Tennant always-on xmpp will not make any friends.
  246. Tobias Simon Tennant, so what do you have in mind?
  247. Tobias i mean you could log out and just resume your old session when you wake up again (after TLS + SASL)
  248. Simon Tennant I don't know - I've not looked at this for a while. But I know that any app draining a battery will kill your ratings.
  249. Tobias i don't know how small packets you get with XMPP Quickstart + Session Resumtion but that'd be my way to go if you don't want a persistant connection
  250. Steffen Larsen Simon Tennant: remember that you can save some battery by queuing in tigase: http://www.tigase.org/content/mobile-optimizations
  251. Tobias to further improve performance maybe replace TCP with something more mobile friendly...but that might not be possible in all cases
  252. Simon Tennant From the it-just-effing-works school: How does Google do this with their Gtalk app (some binary protocol) or their Google Plus app (native XMPP)?
  253. Simon Tennant netsplit!
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  255. Tobias i don't know
  256. m&m someone set them up the bomb
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  258. Steffen Larsen hey stpeter
  259. Steffen Larsen you are not in the hangout?
  260. Simon Tennant incase anyone in the room sees this - we lost the Hangout.
  261. m&m hey Portland, you've not hanging out!
  262. Ben Langfeld error 44
  263. Ben Langfeld obviously
  264. bear we are reconnecting
  265. Steffen Larsen …waiting… ;-)
  266. m&m don't worry, Simon and I are bashing you
  267. bear the talk is happening about adding OOB notifications
  268. waqas It was probably intentional, while they discussed their evil schemes
  269. Steffen Larsen :-)
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  272. Steffen Larsen it might be a CATastrophe.. ;-)
  273. Simon Tennant Why are we talking about SMSs?
  274. m&m apparently that is how the notification service works … from the server to the carrier?
  275. MattJ Device-independent push notifications I think
  276. dwd Because of tech like EMN, where you send an imap URI to a specific port on the phone.
  277. Simon Tennant I would have throught it was based on USSD messages
  278. Simon Tennant or even ONE socket open to Apple that keeps all packets sizes below the maximum size before a radio jumps up to the higher power state.
  279. bear right - the packet size for apple push notifications is *tiny*
  280. Simon Tennant http://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/NetworkingInternet/Conceptual/RemoteNotificationsPG/CommunicatingWIthAPS/CommunicatingWIthAPS.html
  281. Simon Tennant iPhone users are something special.
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  286. MattJ http://matthewwild.co.uk/uploads/xep-0313.html
  287. pushp Sorry for the drive-by... W3C just published a draft for push notifications api
  288. Lance MattJ: and which paragraph were you having issues with?
  289. pushp http://www.w3.org/TR/push-api/
  290. Ben Langfeld pushp: That's all about SSE and the browser, right?
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  293. pushp It is geared towards webapps, but mobile apps on IOS/BB/Android end up using similar notifications even for non-web apps
  294. Ben Langfeld Sure, while they are foreground
  295. pushp Foreground and background.
  296. Ben Langfeld How does it work in the background?
  297. Tobias dwd, EMN requires carrier support?
  298. pushp OS specific.. but in the proprietary schemes apps get call backs.
  299. Ben Langfeld pushp: APN, right? That's what we were talking about.
  300. Ben Langfeld There's issues with sharing APN keys
  301. Ben Langfeld In a non-app-specific way.
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  303. pushp Agreed on issues with sharing APN keys on a non-app specific way.
  304. Ben Langfeld Which is the issue we're trying to solve. I'm not sure how this Push API thing helps at all.
  305. pushp ah. Sorry came in late.. will rewind the discussion.
  306. Simon Tennant This stuff Matt is working on is really important and super useful!
  307. linuxwolf Yes. Yes it is
  308. Simon Tennant the buddycloud webclient is using the RSM+MAM for getting posts.
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  314. MattJ Lance: if you didn't find it already, http://matthewwild.co.uk/uploads/xep-0313.html#query-paging
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  316. Lance MattJ: yeah, 59 used to just have a <reverse /> flag
  317. Lance which needed to included in all page requests, of course
  318. waqas fwiw, I've been trying to 'diff' the old and new stringprep to get an exhaustive list of affected unicode characters in nodeprep, nameprep and resourceprep, and how they are affected
  319. linuxwolf I just realized that the camera probably should have been rotated
  320. linuxwolf I'm familiar with the problem ...
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  323. bear Hey
  324. bear it works
  325. bear hey now!
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  328. dwd /nick bear
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  330. dwd Aw...
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  335. Steffen Larsen ok guys!. thanks for yet another great summit. hope to see you at FOSDEM in 2013! :-)
  336. Simon Tennant thanks guys
  337. Simon Tennant see you in Brussels.
  338. justin later peoples
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  340. Steffen Larsen yeah! XMPP and beers.. have to do some IOT, electronics and fridge with beers.. :-)
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  342. Steffen Larsen cheers!
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  347. Tobias dwd, do you have a more precise term for EMN?
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  360. dwd oma emn. Let me hunt a reference.
  361. dwd http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2726976/how-to-receive-text-sms-to-specific-port http://www.openmobilealliance.org/technical/release_program/emn_v10.aspx
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