XMPP Summit - 2013-01-30

  1. Steffen Larsen

    anyone at the aloft hotel and up for some lunch later?

  2. Steffen Larsen

    down in the lobby in 10 min

  3. ralphm

    I'm at Aloft

  4. Kev

    ralphm: Excellent.

  5. ralphm

    You guys done eating yet?

  6. ralphm

    I'm in the lobby

  7. Kev

    Yes, sorry. We'd long gone when you got there (thought you were arriving about 90mins before that)

  8. ralphm

    I was supposed to

  9. ralphm

    but Edwin got a motorcycle accident today (he's fine) so I got delayed

  10. ralphm

    he'll come in tomorrow

  11. Kev

    Ah. Good that he's OK.

  12. Kev

    Bad that you missed dinner, sorry.

  13. ralphm

    oh, I had dinner at hom

  14. ralphm


  15. ralphm

    but a snack would do well

  16. Kev

    There's the shop next door :)

  17. ralphm

    I'm ordering some cheese at the bar

  18. ralphm

    it turned out as a bowl of peanuts

  19. ralphm

    pretty good

  20. ralphm

    free too

  21. Kev


  22. Steffen Larsen

    he he.. we also got the peanuts.. small bowl though

  23. Steffen Larsen

    not food.. ;-)

  24. ralphm

    Steffen Larsen: I mentioned I already had dinner

  25. ralphm

    anyway, where are you people?

  26. Steffen Larsen

    ralphm: ahhh I see :-)

  27. Steffen Larsen

    we just went upstairs

  28. Steffen Larsen

    been out eating and drinkring since 18:30

  29. ralphm


  30. Steffen Larsen


  31. ralphm

    what is wrong with you?

  32. Steffen Larsen

    ha ha..

  33. Steffen Larsen

    sitting and coding… but yes.. missing a beer

  34. ralphm

    I'm sitting and coding

  35. ralphm

    with beer

  36. ralphm

    and peanuts

  37. Steffen Larsen

    ha ha

  38. Steffen Larsen


  39. ralphm

    well, the peanuts

  40. Steffen Larsen


  41. ralphm

    No wokkels here. That's a dutch thing

  42. ralphm


  43. ralphm

    yeah, hacking on Wokkel

  44. Steffen Larsen

    heh :-)

  45. Kev

    ralphm: We're looking at heading down for breakfast at 8ish, BTW.

  46. ralphm

    sounds good

  47. Kev

    Although Peter suggested leaving the hotel at 08:15, which seems pretty early to get to Cisco for 09:30.

  48. ralphm

    I'm by car

  49. ralphm

    and have to move it anyway before 09:00

  50. Steffen Larsen

    oh year.. you prob. living near by. lucky you

  51. Kev

    Oh. I thought we could go direct from Schuman to Diegem, but I must misremember.

  52. ralphm

    Steffen Larsen: about 1h20 drive

  53. Kev

    b-rail tells me we can't.

  54. Steffen Larsen

    Kev: crap

  55. Steffen Larsen

    so why are we situated here.. if we are not close to the sity or cisco HQ?

  56. Steffen Larsen


  57. Kev

    From: Bru.-Schuman / Brux.-Schuman [B] To:Diegem [B] 08:41 dep 09:10 arr 0:29 1 Dep. 2 Arr. 4 Hide details for this connection Text version © PTV, NAVTEQ Disturbances 08:41 Platform 2 Bru.-Schuman / Brux.-Schuman [B] on 31/01/13 IC 2428 Direction Brussel-Zuid / Bruxelles-Midi [B] 08:48 09:00 Platform 8 Platform 7 Bru.-Noord / Brux.-Nord [B] L 3658 Direction Leuven [B] 09:10 Platform 4 Diegem [B] Duration:: 0:29; runs Mo - Fr, not 1. Apr, 1., 9., 20. May, 15. Aug, 1., 11. Nov

  58. Kev

    So in to Midi and then out on the Leuven line.

  59. Steffen Larsen

    so half an hour traveling?

  60. Kev


  61. Steffen Larsen


  62. Kev

    So I guess we need to be clear of the hotel by half eight, or a little before.

  63. Steffen Larsen

    but lets stick to breakfast around 8?

  64. Kev

    So Peter's suggestion of leaving the hotel at 08:15 wasn't at all stupid.

  65. Kev

    On the earlier side of eight than the later side, I think, but yes.

  66. Steffen Larsen


  67. Steffen Larsen


  68. Kev

    Does anyone remember how to get from Diegem to Cisco?

  69. Steffen Larsen

    more or less.. walking around some buildings for 10 minutes… as I remmeber it

  70. ralphm

    it is pretty easy

  71. Kev

    I remember it being easy.

  72. ralphm

    the address is "De Kleetlaan 6a"

  73. Kev

    I don't remember how to do it :D

  74. ralphm

    use google maps or whatever :-)

  75. Kev


  76. ralphm

    Where'd bear go?

  77. Kev

    No clue.

  78. Steffen Larsen

    we saw he last around 14:00

  79. Steffen Larsen

    he went to the hotel

  80. Kev

    So...probably asleep :)

  81. Steffen Larsen

    Lance have been knocking on the door around 18:30 for dinner.. but no buddy opened

  82. Steffen Larsen

    Kev: yes.. prob.

  83. ralphm


  84. ralphm

    hey Neustradamus

  85. ralphm

    Proudly wearing my cap-with-Jabber-logo :-)

  86. Steffen Larsen

    ok folks. I am off to bed.. see you guys tomorrow. l8er!

  87. Steffen Larsen

    nighty nighty

  88. ralphm