XMPP Summit - 2013-02-01

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  10. mehyo.homs

    ‏ Hi

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  25. Steffen Larsen

    anyone knows when the summit starts out today?… (zZzzzz)

  26. Kev


  27. Kev

    Meeting for breakfast at 08:00, same as yesterday.

  28. Steffen Larsen

    ok thanks, kev

  29. Kev

    Enn pee.

  30. Steffen Larsen

    I'll try to get out of bed then..

  31. Kev

    That sounds like half a good idea.

  32. Kev

    The good half being 'bed'.

  33. Steffen Larsen


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  69. hildjj


  70. stpeter


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  72. Zash

    Rrrrrr...rain :/

  73. Tobias

    Zash, yeah...you promised me swedish summer whether....there was less rain in germany :P

  74. Tobias


  75. Zash

    Tobias: Yeees, so?

  76. hildjj

    fritzy: you're not missing anything yet. still lots of milling about.

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  79. fritzy

    hildjj: yup, I can tell. Thanks. :) You're awesome.

  80. fritzy

    BTW, you've gotten into my head

  81. fritzy

    I'll have to send you a document I'm working on

  82. bear

    http://piratepad.net/Y9Wfgxzies <-- I'm taking notes here

  83. fritzy

    muahaha... I'm the host now

  84. fritzy

    for some reason

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  87. Dave Cridland

    Is that Webex™ URL updated in the WIki?

  88. bear

    it will be...

  89. bear

    wiki has been updated with webex link

  90. hildjj

    really, you're giving me crap about the WebEx trademark now? Do you also want to own Cisco™ ?

  91. Zash

    stpeter: Can I smuggle a friend into the summit?

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  93. lloydwatkin

    @peter: Jonny Heavey, arriving around lunch time

  94. lloydwatkin

    @peter: JonnyHeavey, arriving around lunch time.

  95. hildjj

    Zash: answering for Peter. Yes. Let me know when they get here, and i'll go sign them in at the front desk.

  96. Kev

    hildjj™, no I think I'm ok about that.

  97. Zash


  98. Zash

    I'll be there in about the time it takes to take the metro and train etc

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  100. Steffen Larsen

    the blog: http://blog.fanout.io/2012/10/17/standards-at-the-edge/

  101. stpeter

    Zash: yes

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  104. fritzy

    no audio?

  105. bear

    hildjj is fixing

  106. fritzy

    it's ok. I think I've said what I have to say about the JSON stuff, other than I'm warming up to Joe's radical ideas.

  107. fritzy

    Otherwise, you guys have fun.

  108. fritzy

    I'm going to try to put in a full work day at the office in the morning, so I'm going to head to bed.

  109. fritzy

    you guys enjoy!

  110. fritzy

    Thanks for working so hard to let me participate yesterday!

  111. Kev

    NN fritzy.

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  122. l-fy

    ehlo Mr. Summit Sir.

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  124. stpeter


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  128. bear


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  131. hildjj


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  141. lloydwatkin

    @simon, you have to stop using the m' reference, you'v been marked (see examples) http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/So_simple,_your_mother_could_do_it

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  155. Jef

    good day

  156. Zash


  157. Jef


  158. Jef

    webex is not working

  159. Zash


  160. Jef

    it says: "The meeting has been cancelled!"

  161. Zash


  162. Zash

    We should try to get MattJ in there too

  163. hildjj


  164. hildjj

    Jef: https://cisco.webex.com/cisco/e.php?AT=WMI&EventID=216096772&PW=15c10114061d03&RT=MiMxNDc%3D

  165. Jef

    yes, it works now

  166. Jef


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  168. Jef

    audio volume is a bit low

  169. stpeter

    hi Jef, could you please mute?

  170. stpeter

    we'll look into the audio levels

  171. Kev

    (Unless you want to talk)

  172. Jef


  173. Tobias

    or type something here if you want someone to proxy your message

  174. Jef

    i am at work, so there is a lot of noise here

  175. bear

    can't we add to socket.io an xmpp transport?

  176. bear

    so that it becomes just another way of hooking clients together

  177. Zash

    if it's a common api to multiple transports, sure, why not?

  178. Lance

    that might work. it would map very cleanly to pubsub

  179. Lance

    and then we really would just implement everything on pubsub

  180. bear


  181. Lance


  182. hildjj


  183. hildjj


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  185. Zash

    "Everyone needs to implement Carbons and MAM" also

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  187. Zash

    I think that MattJ wrote a protoXEP for transporting JSON in XMPP

  188. bear

    lance - think we could move prosody into redis lua ;)

  189. Lance


  190. bear

    awww shucks

  191. Zash


  192. Zash


  193. Jef

    i can't

  194. Jef

    I guess I will have to type

  195. bear

    just ignore me - i was just musing about something silly zash

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  197. stpeter


  198. Jef

    I want to write a client

  199. stpeter notes that Jef has a prtotype impl in Gajim

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  201. Jef

    it is better if I think

  202. Jef

    it is better if i type

  203. Zash


  204. stpeter

    maybe -- we had some packet loss

  205. Zash

    Send out a search party.

  206. Jef


  207. Jef

    if I am taking to long to respond type the question here...

  208. Tobias

    just type :)

  209. Jef


  210. Dave Cridland

    Skype's chatrooms have filesharing stuffs.

  211. Dave Cridland

    Seems quite useful.

  212. Jef

    but the host would be the chatroom?

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  214. darkrain

    Dave: Brief (one/two sentence?) description of how that works?

  215. Dave Cridland

    I'm actually not sure. It shows a file offer from a participant, but whether it's proxied by the room or not is hard to say.

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  217. Lance

    here was my feedback on cleaning up the xml structures in fis: https://gist.github.com/4629838

  218. Jef

    Lance, we should work together

  219. Zash

    Not sure, but Skype was P2P-ish before. And afaik, every conversation is a chat room. Including one-to-one

  220. Jef

    would you like to co-author?

  221. Lance

    Jef, sure

  222. Jef


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  224. Dave Cridland

    Zash, Yeah, I think its IM isn't very P2P.

  225. HanzZ

    Zash: it is if I can judge that by its dbus api

  226. darkrain

    What in particular in the API makes you say that?

  227. darkrain

    ("in particular" at a high-ish level)

  228. Zash

    I started a chat with someone at the same time he started a chat with me. Two windows popped up. (This is years ago, may have changed)

  229. hildjj


  230. Jef


  231. HanzZ

    darkrain: well, it can do different things internally of course. but they just have CHAT object with id no matter how many people are there

  232. HanzZ

    darkrain: I presume when the id is still the same, it's same also internally, but that doesn't have to be the true

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  235. Eelco

    skype is moving away from p2p. all (or most) chat has already been moved to microsofts backend. http://www.theverge.com/2012/10/22/3529600/skype-for-windows-8-screenshots-release-date-october-26th

  236. Jef

    that's because p2p is harder to evesdrop conversations

  237. stpeter

    Eelco: yes, interesting, eh?

  238. Zash

    Much fun

  239. stpeter

    Jef: :)

  240. Dave Cridland

    Is it possible to share the slides on screen via Webex?

  241. stpeter

    working on it

  242. Dave Cridland

    (No ™ just for hildjj)

  243. stpeter

    just a moment

  244. Dave Cridland

    The video feeds really good right now, BTW.

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  246. Eelco

    As for some easy to install XMPP service recipes (sorry for not putting this in earlier) this might be nice to look into: https://juju.ubuntu.com/ <https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/index.html>

  247. Dave Cridland

    Oh, that's Emil in shot now?

  248. Tobias

    Dave Cridland, right

  249. Dave Cridland

    And now a pot plant.

  250. Ash

    Just looking at the fis spec - is there a particular reason why it couldn't be a pep node?

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  252. victor@victorklos.nl

    easy XMPP server install also via Puppet, e.g. https://github.com/rtyler/puppet-prosody

  253. darkrain

    victor@victorklos.nl: Ooooo

  254. Dave Cridland

    Thanks Zash.

  255. Lance

    Ash no reason, and that would be best for file change events

  256. victor@victorklos.nl

    @darkrain yeah noticed...

  257. Lance

    the main thing is that it would be better done as collection nodes, because of arbitrary directory depths

  258. Lance

    so a single node item could become too large to deal with nicely

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  261. darkrain

    Victor: Have you used it? or is that you?

  262. Victor

    I built my own puppet extension. Not really difficult btw

  263. Victor

    (and got the alias right)

  264. stpeter

    emil is talking about http://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ivov-xmpp-cusax/

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  268. stpeter

    Adrian mentioned P-Asserted-Identity https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3325

  269. stpeter

    just FYI

  270. stpeter

    however, that won't work, because it is defined as follows: A P-Asserted-Identity header field value MUST consist of exactly one name-addr or addr-spec. There may be one or two P-Asserted-Identity values. If there is one value, it MUST be a sip, sips, or tel URI. If there are two values, one value MUST be a sip or sips URI and the other MUST be a tel URI.

  271. stpeter


  272. stpeter

    Jef: BTW, thanks for joining

  273. stpeter

    Jef: we'll ping Diana to provide some more feedback on the list so that we can improve the spec, maybe merge it with XEP-0135 based on Lance's feedback, or whatever seems most appropriate

  274. Jef

    no problem, I couldn't participate more because I at work

  275. l-fy

    Peter what should we do about XEP 0269

  276. l-fy

    we need to get that fixed today during the jingle disscusion

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  278. Zash

    To Jingle or not to Jingle :D

  279. l-fy

    to Jingle

  280. Steffen Larsen

    sip it..

  281. l-fy

    every single day

  282. l-fy

    so i can federate

  283. l-fy

    Federate JIngle :)

  284. Zash


  285. l-fy

    SIP builds silos because nobody will let a SIP server in the world unprotected

  286. Zash


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  288. stpeter notes for CUSAX purposes that we might want to say something about using a single ID if possible

  289. Dave Cridland

    I'm actually hopeful that the acct URI stuff might encourage user account identifiers to be consistent in that respect.

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  291. Dave Cridland

    Have the hoodie/t-shirt stores been raided, yet, BTW?

  292. darkrain

    Don't think so

  293. Dave Cridland

    Just concious that's one of the things that needs doing while in Diegem.

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  298. Zash

    Dave Cridland: Is your BIDI implementation fixed yet?

  299. Dave Cridland

    Zash, I can't actually remember what the problems are with it. It'll work, it's just not enthusiastic about using bidi connections.

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  305. stpeter


  306. stpeter


  307. winfried

    mam + carbons

  308. winfried

    only solve with chats

  309. Zash


  310. Zash


  311. Zash


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  313. hildjj


  314. m&m

    message archive management

  315. Zash


  316. darkrain

    136 improved

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  321. Zash

    winfried: MattJ and waqas might have useful things to say about multi tab sessions btw

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  323. stpeter disappeared next door to participate in the SoX/SIP/XMPP discussion

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  326. stpeter

    hi waqas

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  329. waqas

    Hey stpeter

  330. Tobias

    hi waqas

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  333. stpeter

    note for SIP-XMPP discussion: http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0280.html

  334. Zash


  335. stpeter

    yes :)

  336. Zash

    I almost want to go check what you are talking about

  337. stpeter

    Zash: it was just a side topic

  338. Zash

    Implement in all the clients!

  339. stpeter


  340. stpeter

    Zash: it's in Prosody, right?

  341. Zash


  342. stpeter

    yay :)

  343. Zash


  344. Zash

    stpeter: We lost m&m

  345. stpeter


  346. Zash

    How do we get him back?

  347. stpeter


  348. stpeter

    he knows what to call

  349. Zash

    Ah, now

  350. Zash


  351. waqas

    hildjj: Can you turn up the mic volume a bit in webex?

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  367. stpeter

    are you guys starting again about WebSocket?

  368. Zash


  369. Zash

    come here!

  370. Steven Lloyd Watkin

    Inspired by (insert-evil-word-here) talk to generate this https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-websockets-json

  371. Zash

    Socket.io over XMPP?

  372. Zash

    Or under

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  374. Steven Lloyd Watkin

    essentially just socket.io with server talking to XMPP and talking to client in json

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  384. fippo

    hildjj: they must have heard us thinking about "beer" :-)

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  438. Lance

    what time do we head to fosdem?

  439. Tobias has joined

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  441. Kev

    Lance: I do not know, but I would like to :)

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